Hi baby – welcome to my tummy


So you’re in my tummy! Mummy and daddy made you
about two weeks ago and now mummy is stumbling around on wordpress
trying to make a diary about your journey into the world. This first
post is about your mum and dad and how excited we are to have you
join our family.

Your Mummy and Daddy

Right now you’re less than a millimetre big
(that’s soooo tiny you’d need a magnifying glass to see you).
Amazingly however, your hair colour and eye colour are already
decided. I’m hoping you get mummy’s blue eyes and daddy’s height
(mummy is on the short side). We don’t know whether you’re a boy or a
girl yet – we won’t find out for a few months yet. Daddy doesn’t want
to know until we meet you so it’s a surprise, mummy wants to know
beforehand so she can paint your room and buy you the right colour
clothes. Being a funny guy, daddy reckons you won’t care what you’re
wearing, or what the décor is like in your bedroom – but mummy
thinks you will.

Your daddy is 40 years old (he’ll be 41 when
you’re born) and works as a courier. This means he delivers letters
and packages to people in his car. Mummy is a little bit younger (28)
and about to start a new job as a recruitment consultant. This is a
posh term for someone who helps people find jobs. We met ten years
ago as we used to drink in the same place. Daddy really fancied mummy
and asked her out several times, but mummy was doing her A-levels
(these don’t exist any more but they are certificates to measure how
clever you are) and thought daddy was too old. Turns out mummy was
really quite good at studying and clever enough to go to university.
So she went far away and learnt lots of things about films and
books as these were the things mummy found interesting. She didn’t
come back to Reading (the town you were made in) for ten years
whereupon she met your dad again. We’ve been together ever since! We
love each other very much and spend all our time together – so we
decided to make you so you could join in the fun and live with us.

Daddy is very funny and will make you laugh every
day. He likes cooking, football and watching films. When he knows
what you like to eat, he’ll make it for you; when you’re old enough
to watch the telly, he’ll watch your favourite programmes with you –
he’ll also take you to the cinema to watch longer programmes on a
HUGE screen. You’ll be able to make your own decisions about almost
all these things! ALMOST. Unfortunately you’ll be a Manchester United
fan as daddy is less flexible about this.

Mummy isn’t as funny as daddy. She can’t cook
and hates football. This makes her sound really boring but she’s not!
Mummy will help with your homework and teach you all about the world.
She’ll read you stories, play games with you and make sure you look
cool in photographs. She’ll encourage you to work hard and get the
best out of life. Whether you want to be a doctor, a lawyer, a
swimmer, a chef…. mummy will make sure you are successful.

That’s enough about us! You’ll learn more and more
as you grow inside mummy’s tummy and enter our world in 8 months (and
a bit) time. Love you more than anything and promise to carry you
safely until you feel ready to make your grand entrance. Sleep tight
and grow, grow, grow!


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