Really impressive pic


How amazing is this?????

Our baby already looks like this! His or her genetic make up is complete (the gender is already assigned!). Unbelievably clever how these images are so clear.

Fetus at 4 weeks!

Foetus at 4 weeks!


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  1. Hi Gemma and Craig, I love the blog Gemma has made. It is such a good idea, it was also good for us to hear about your parents. and know a bit more about your family. Terry and I are interested in Family History so we would love to find out about your ancesters if you would like us to. Just to let you know the Mills family originally came from Gloucestershire and Craig is part welsh as Craig’s great grandmother came from Glamorgan, on the other side of the family Craig’s grandmother Teresa Ott’s family came from London and her father was John Ott and John went back several generations. He also has ancesters from Essex

    My mothers name was Peggy Benford and the Benfords originally came from Cholsey, Berkshire and other branches of the family are from Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Hertfordshire.
    My parents never married which out found out about only a few years ago. I was very upset about that as they were so angry with me when Terry and I had to get married (or that is how it was explained in our day) But they did stay together for 43 years .

    Hope you found this of interest. I hope you will enjoy being part of our family. I feel I have known you for ages. Just to let you know we are not a perfect family but we all love one another in our own way. Craig is a very kind man but I think you know that already.
    Hope the patches are working.
    Love Lynne

    • Hey Lynne!

      Thanks for the comment. I love writing the blog and glad you are following it – it’s for the whole family, not just baby-to-be! I must admit it’s getting hard to stay disciplined and keep writing, paticularly as I’m researching the new job at the moment – it feels like I’m never off the computer!!! I’ll be sure to post a quick update this evening though.

      As for my family history – it’s very difficult to trace! My mum is adopted so we know precious little about her roots. I understand she did once attempt to locate her birth mother, but she either ran into problems, or didn’t like what she found out. As I understand it, her real mum was Irish and circa 16 years of age. She was fortunately adopted into a LOVELY family here in the UK at birth (the Terry family; Joan and Harry). The Terry’s were unable to have children themselves so adopted 4 in total; Martin, Jackie, Ian, and mum. Each of are of a different ethnic origin so it’s a very colourful family. We think this was because it was hard for black and asian children to be rehomed in the UK, my grandparents therefore wanted to ensure they had a loving home to go to.

      Dad’s family is much better documented. I understand he’s done lots of work on this and it may even be online somewhere. I’ll email and ask him!

      I’m already enjoying being part of your family. Craig is fantastic man and I’m lucky to have him! I know he’s going to make a cracking dad and will continue to make you proud. Hopefully Dad will visit from Southampton soon so you can meet him. You’ll really like him and his wife as they’re lovely.
      Love, Gem

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