Has Billy FINALLY got the message?


So fed up was I of my scatty cat – Paul and I decided to try to tell him about the pregnancy. For a few days now he’s been cuddling up to my tummy and pawing at it. There have been some amazing stories about how cats can sense illness or upcoming events that will impact upon their environment (house moves etc), and usually if I’m poorly, he’ll spend lots of time by my side or sleep beside me. I am therefore convinced of Billy’s psychic abilities and felt ready to break the news.

As previously mentioned, Billy struggles with English. Craig is also convinced he’s a bit ‘mutton’ (deaf – in daddy speak). So we had to come up with a creative and fun way to tell him he’ll have a new brother or sister. I’ve already tried pointing at my stomach and rubbing it animatedly in front of him, but for some reason Billy seems to think this means ‘dinner-time’. I’ve also waved pictures of babies in his face, but unfortunately he just bats at the paper like we’re playing a game. So we decided to meet him on neutral ground and go into ‘his’ garden (he RULES our garden) with props to get the message across.

Here’s how he took the news!

Billy and Mummy - reaction: INDIFFERENCE

Billy and Mummy - reaction: INDIFFERENCE

Unfortunately, at first, Billy didn’t understand the significance of the pregnancy test, and certainly didn’t appreciate the strangle-hold mummy had around his neck. But mummy was determined to get the message across and kept prancing in front of him until it sunk in. Here’s the moment where Billy finally got it – check out the look on his little face!

Billy - reaction: APPREHENSION?

Billy - reaction: APPREHENSION?

Two seconds later he fell off the wall… I’m hopeful that his poor balance is indicative of his excitement…


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