My cravings


I reckon mine are pretty stereotypical to be honest.


Neopolitan ice cream!!!

I’m loving COLD things. My drinks have to have ice, and snacks are best served frozen! Before, I used to buy the odd ice cream or milkshake, but I’d always opt for chocolate. Seems baby hasn’t made his / her mind up yet and likes to sample all the flavours…

Yum - Gherkins!

Yum - Gherkins!

And – gherkins!!!! Loving all things vinegary so this includes pickled onions! I could eat a jar of these everyday and it’s only 0.3g of fat per jar (Craig is monitoring my in-take. He approves so it’s all good!).

And finally – Asda’s custard cream slices. I can honestly say I usually avoid sweet things. If I’m out to dinner, I’m the first to push the dessert menu away – Honest! But it seems that baby is partial to some custard cream slices. His / her favourite’s are from Asda (and are handily only £1 for 2!)  – who am I to deny baby???

Baby likes sweet things - It's not for me! Honest!

Baby likes sweet things - It's not for me! Honest!


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