Weekend update, by Daddy Cool !!!!


This weekend we went to a baby and mother fayre to pick up some cute baby stuff for you. This gave us lots of ideas about how to make your arrival a special one. There was lots of toys and innovative things to make things easier for mummy and me, and life more comfy for you. I suspect mummy will drag me to far more shows now and your nursery will look like backstage at Dragon’s Den.

Trunkies - laughed off Dragon's Den but now a UK best seller

Trunkies - laughed off Dragon's Den but now a UK best seller

Your mummy has been on eBay again picking up some fabulous stuff for you. We collected 2 more moses baskets to lay your little head in and as we can’t decide which one to use for you, we’ll probably end up keeping them all!!!!  Your new bedroom is coming along and is stocked up with loads of stuff and is growing by the day. We have lots of booties, baby grows and little jump suits for you to look cute in.

We also had a visit to nanny and grandad’s this weekend for a lovely dinner. Mummy got to see lots of photos of daddy when he was a baby, just like you!!! Daddy was a cute baby (more cuter than mummy) so I’m hoping you take after me.

Mummy is getting bigger by the day with you inside, and we’re beginning to think you might already be playing with a sibling! As daddy’s mummy’s mummy was a twin, it’s possible that you might be one too. It’s true that mummy is going slightly mad with you inside, and I need you to hurry up and arrive so you can help me look after her!

Until next time, Daddy xx


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