Our 4D experience – Baby Mills at 32 weeks


So we paid out and treated ourselves to a 4D scan at a little husband-and-wife run imaging centre in Basingstoke “Baby Debut” – http://www.babydebut.co.uk/index.htm

The experience was around £90 for an hours peek into my tummy to meet baby in all his 4D nakedness. He certainly showed us his best features; mooning us and flashing his willy aplenty (just like his daddy). We didn’t get to see much of his face though as he was in a breech position, very high, and hiding behind the umbilical cord. In situations like this, Baby Debut offer you a further scan free of charge to get a decent pic of your little one. So we went home a little disappointed armed with exercises to try to get His Royal Highness to turn around.

One week later – he graced us with a little peek at his perfect face. He’s got mummy’s pout, mummy’s cheekbones, daddy’s dimples and daddy’s bum – a formidable combination. Result? We’re smitten.


Strike the pose!

Strike the pose!



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