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17th June – Happy 1st Fathers Day Craigy!


Awww – so Daddy had his first ever Father’s Day today!

Given you have no money of your own, can’t nip out to the shops, and have no idea what Father’s Day is, I handled it this year. We bought Daddy a card, a bottle of Rioja (his favourite red wine) and took him to The Swan in Pangbourne for a meal.

Unfortunately you’ve been an absolute mardy bum all day! At this very second you’re crying in the lounge whilst Daddy is watching a Euro 2012 match. Whoops!


It’s Official – You’re Dexter Thomas Mills!!!


The Runner-up

Jake Thomas Mills (Daddy’s favourite)

Other Shortlisted Names

Max, Dylan, Aaron, Jake, Zach, Thomas (as your first name), Jasper, Ryan, Oscar, Oliver, Howie, Felix, and Theo

It was a tough decision that took us 3 weeks to decide. We trialled both Jake and Dexter for several days and asked so many people. Mummy and daddy were so worried about getting it wrong! In the end we decided on Dexter as it’s more original; several of mummy’s mates have plumped for Jake and we wanted you to have your very own name at school. Hope you like it.