Me vs SEO ‘specialists’! (You know who you are…)


I was casually scrolling through my site stats yesterday evening and stumbled upon some comments that have been caught in WordPress’ spam filter. Needless to say I was surprised to see some little gems amid the usual PC-generated rubbish. Unfortunately most were negative and none bought a smile to my face.

Perhaps the most delightful was a comment in response to a blog post addressed directly to Dexter (my 11 week old son). The critique was that my spelling and grammar was “bothersome” and “irksome”. I didn’t bother clicking through to see if said reader was from the States and therefore the misunderstanding was borne out of Anglo-American translation issues. Instead, I let the comment through as it was left by a human being and not a robot – we are, after all, all entitled to our opinions. I would just like to politely inform said reader that all my posts are spell checked and I have a degree in English in Creative Writing (see here… Yes, in addition to beer fuelled parties, open mike nights, and arguments about the washing up, I did manage a respectable 2:1.

Whilst I’m on the subject – Dear SEO C-3PO’s out there… whilst I am really enjoying this little blogging project, the idea is not launch myself into the stratosphere with no integrity and attempt to ram my content down the throats of others. It is, simply put, the ramblings of Dexter’s mummy, for Dexter. Yes, when he grows up, he might find some posts more interesting than others, I do enjoy writing the odd review and always honor any prizes I win with a mention – but ultimately it is for him and anyone else who cares to read it.

I won’t deny I get ridiculously excited by the opportunity to trial a weaning bowl or new bib – I’m human and it’s fun to be asked. Although, it is also highly unlikely, I am also not adverse to people advertising on here. I can certainly see why people would do it! We’re in a recession and I appreciate that some mummy bloggers are not in a position to work

But I will promise you this… Any attempts to SEO this blog are impromptu attempts to make a few connections with other like-minded mummies. I don’t feel the need to appear at the top of Google’s search listings, pay for ‘connections’ or bribe people into following me. I will climb the ‘ratings mountain’ in my own time, in my own bumbling way, and stop to admire the little improvements to my vista on the way up . It’s the honest way and the right way and shows initiative and dedication.

So when you get thinly disguised comments from a company wanting to ‘help me SEO my blog’ by offering me the opportunity to buy subscribers, I get a bit annoyed. Oh the irony that these comments are meant to sound human but have been sent word for word from 10 different people! The practise seems shameful and ugly and isn’t the sort of thing I feel the need to do.

Now go and bother some other well-intentioned blogger and turn them into a money grabbing review junkie. I do not want your comments to appear on my son’s blog so am pleased WordPress sussed you out from the off. I’m going back to the serenity of my gentle musings for my little lad; the occasional review, the odd rant, but more frequently the pics of Dexter turning into a scrummy young man.


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