A vintage-looking Dexter


I’m not very good at linking up to other mummy blogs which is part laziness, and part me wanting to keep this blog as an innocent read for my little man. That said, there are some really inspirational linkies that crop up from time to time; things I feel passionately about, and things I feel won’t dilute the blog, rather add to it. There are also some lovely competitions I sooo want to win as the prizes would be fabulous for Dexter (and me!).

I stumbled across such a blog earlier on today and haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Kitsunetsuki is a really visual blog by Laura Fox Gill about food, art, photography and books – it’s a real feast for the eyes as the pictures are out of this world. She is running her first ever competition and its a really exciting one. It’s to win a Polaroid camera.

The truth is, I’ve ALWAYS wanted a Polaroid, ever since I was a little girl. I love the thought of getting instant photos and the not-knowing if your shot is any good or not – It makes the good photos just that little bit more special. I have a beautiful Canon 1100D and I absolutely love it – but in all honesty, even my starter DSLR  Canon makes photography so simple that even the least accomplished photographer can achieve some really stunning pics. A Polaroid is not for the faint hearted, you can waste whole reams of film trying to get something amazing, and the film is not cheap – but oh my God they’re beautiful. They’re kitsch, they’re 80’s retro and I really want one.

As part of the competition, you have use a photo effect application to add a vintage effect to a photo you have taken. I have never experimented with one before so was pleased to see how simple they are to use. I used Pixlr but I’ve heard equally great feedback about Instagram so will be having a play with this over the next few weeks to see how they compare. The effects are so clever and I simply love these enhanced photographs of Dexter. I’m not sure if I’ve achieved vintage but I love these all the same and they’re timeless to me.

If you want to enter this competition for yourself, here’s the link:



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