Cousin Bella’s 1st Birthday Party! (A picture heavy post)


Aunty Sam’s homemade birthday cake… it was scrummy

So it was cousin Bella’s 1st birthday party on Sunday. Mummy remembers that Aunty Sam had literally just given birth to Bella when she announced that she was pregnant with you! It seems absolutely unbelievable that she’s a whole year old already!

Beautiful Bella – just 9 months older than you

At 1 year old, Bella is able to so much more than you. She’s been bum shuffling now for a awhile, and is now crawling! She can sit up unaided and is very interactive with her toys. I also spotted her waving goodbye to some of her party guests as they left – so cute!  She’s really grown since we last saw her a few months ago and is turning into a really beautiful little girl. It’s still very hard to say if she looks like Aunty Sam or Uncle Carl right now as there are bits of both of them in her.

Your big cousin Sky! Having fun and telling your mummy her grand ambitions

Big sister to Bella, and big cousin to you, Sky is at that age now where she’s really funny. Whilst playing with her toys, Sky told me all about what she wants to do when she grows up. Her grand ambitions include being a zookeeper, being a doctor, being a mummy, and living next door to Nanny Lynne in a big house on her own!

You were uncharacteristically moody - poor Bella!

You were uncharacteristically moody – poor Bella!

Cousins together… waiting patiently for cake

Right now, you’re the baby of this little group. But you’re all soon to be joined by Antonia’s baby. Antonia is your oldest cousin and has a baby girl growing inside her belly. This baby girl will be your second cousin. The race will then be on between mummy and Aunty Louise to make the next one!

First taste of cake

… Second taste of cake!!!!!

After-tea fun and games (Cousin Lenny)

Sky thinks it’s safe to come out…

… But boy, she was wrong!

Aunty Sam with the Birthday Girl!

Sky and Uncle Carl helping Bella with her pressies!

Yeah, yeah, yeah mummy. Who needs instructions??


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  1. I love picture heavy posts! Happy Birthday Bella! The 4 cousin in a row pic is really sweet, it’s so nice to see them sitting together isn’t it 🙂 Sky is a bit like Abby’s eldest cousin, they are great at looking after the younger ones hehe x

  2. The photos of bellas birthday are great gemma, Sky loves the photos of her and lenny with the water pistol. thanks for the clothes can’t wait for bella to wear them. See you soon. xxxx

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