Model Behaviour – Autumnal Style for Dexter


Taking a beach holiday in mid-September, we knew that Dexter would have to experience a considerable drop in temperature when we got home. Having said that, we didn’t expect it to be this awful. Since stepping off the plane it has been non-stop rain. We’ve now got the heating constantly on, an extra blanket in Dex’s cot, and the lights are on until 11am as there’s no sunlight through the window. Yep we’re back in the UK and it’s absolutely miserable.

As I unpacked our suitcases and started putting away Dexter’s cute little summer rompers, t-shirts and shorts, I realised we might aswell go ahead and whack the lot on eBay. By the time there’s even a hint of sun, he’ll have outgrown them all!

I always get a little depressed this time of year. I love the sun and long evenings. I love holidays and seeing my other half in shorts. I can’t stand the rain and gloominess of the onset of winter – I always joke to Craig that I feel like we’re in a drugs den when there’s no natural light streaming in through our windows. This year it’s even worse as I’m going back to work next week and am feeling apprehensive about leaving Dexie throughout the day.

Luckily, just hours after sorting Dexter’s clothes into bundles for sale, the postman arrived with a little parcel from the States. Ripping open the packaging, Dexter has been sent a beautiful hand-crocheted beanie hat from the über talented Jessica of Eat Pray Yarn. Instantly, the change in the weather seems that little bit more bearable.

Dexter’s new hat! (Eat Pray Yarn)

Okay, it’s only a hat, but it’s so irresistibly cute that it has me actually looking forward to a cold early evening walk with Dex. It’s adorable! It’s warm and toasty and has none of the hard seams and labels that shop-bought alternatives have. The colour is also really mute so matches the whites, browns and deep blues of his winter wardrobe.

I bang on about it at least once a week but I truly love handmade things. I love the idea that no two items are the same and you have some say over the colour and style. This cute little hat reminded me that Autumn is an opportunity to bring out all the little knits and crochets I fell in love with when I was pregnant. Let’s face it – nothing says “Baby” like a homemade pair of booties or a teeny crocheted cardigan. I bought loads of these and Dexter hasn’t worn any yet! Browsing  Eat Pray Yarn’s Etsy shop brought it all back and I quickly trawled through his drawers to pull out these forgotten treasures.

Eat Pray Yarn’s Holiday Snow Pixie Bonnet

It seems that homemade vintage is a firmly in vogue at the moment too. Check out these adorable tights for boys created by Slugs & Snails. I’d love to have the guts to get Dexie in a pair but I think Craig would turn his nose up.

Slugs & Snails: Bright Tights for Bold Boys!

So the theme of Dexter’s Autumn wardrobe has been inspired by this one beautiful hat. I’m thinking 1920’s baker boy with a modern twist. Dex will still hang on to his Next hoodies and jeans, and I’m still lusting over these gorgeous Skeanie boots, but they’ll always be teamed up with his new beanie as a nod back to my love affair with homemade. I’ll also be sneaking in some handmade cardigans and jumpers so we can keep him looking like a baby and not walking high-street editorial!

Skeanie Infant Snugs in Chocolate

Going handmade can also be an affordable alternative to buying new. With Halloween around the corner, the temptation is to run out and buy an outfit they’ll wear for one day only. This will set you back £20+, and that’s before you buy all the decorations for your home that seem so important when there’s a child in the house. So how about this gorgeous (and tasteful!) pumpkin hat instead? Team it up with an orange sleep-suit and you’ve got an adorable outfit you can wear again that hasn’t cost you the earth from the high street.

Eat Ptay Yarn’s Pumpkin Hat

Eat Pray Yarn hats and other handmade goodies can be purchased from Etsy and shipping from the States to the UK is quick and inexpensive. There is also a Facebook page to browse for inspiration for other accessories. You can also reach out to Jessica if you have any questions or want a custom item – she’s lovely – this personal touch is another reason to buy outside of the high-street.

I have been generously given a promotion code so my readers can save 15% on any order placed. Please quote MyMillsBaby when ordering to receive your discount.

If you are just as enamoured with the Skeanie shoes featured in this post, you can purchase them here, or if you’re quick, you can try your luck with these competitions from two of my favourite mummy bloggers The Mummyblogger and A Twenty Something Mum.

Finally, I dare you not to secretly covet those adorable boys tights pictured earlier in this post. If you fancy a pair, you can get them here.


DISCLAIMER: I was sent a hat from Eat Pray Yarn to review but all the words and opinions in this post are my own. I have not received any payment for this post, nor had any communication with any other mentioned retailers.


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