Ready. Steady. WEAN!


At 4 months we got a bunch of weaning advice in the post and into my email inbox (I’m sure most novice mums will recall this). Craigy and I have poured over these and researched the subject thoroughly to work out just when and how to start Dexter off.

Although it seems that all the recommended reading suggests that babies should stay on exclusively breast or formula milk for 6 months, Dexter appears to be showing all the signs of being ready.  We particularly liked Plum Baby’s advice as this gave us the confidence to trust in our instincts. To be honest, everything disappears into his mouth, he sits up straight when feeding, and cries uncontrollably when mummy and daddy eat dinner. I realise some people might disagree with us adding new tastes to his diet, but we feel it’s right so stand by our decision.

So, armed with a dozen coupons that came through the letter-box, we went to Tesco’s to see what was available for him to try.

Our aim is invariably to give him weeny portions midway through his morning and afternoon bottle. We wanted something healthy, tasty and easy with no artificial e-numbers or flavourings or nasties. As he becomes accustomed to eating he’ll have pureed versions of mummy and daddy’s food. We eat fresh and home-cooked food every night (as Craig is a fantastic cook) and find this more flavoursome than store-prepared food. We always have meat, 3 veg and carbs so there is always something on our plates that can be blended to be suitable for our precious lad.

Right now however, we opted for Ella’s Kitchen. He’s got a number of fruity super-smooth-puree’s to enjoy, and… he’s loving it. In fact, I can’t believe how well he’s taken to it. There’s no throw-back and he swallows immediately with minimal mess. He’s also already started grabbing at the spoon (and our hands) so he can control the process.

Yet another milestone done. We’re so proud of you!

Looks like daddy’s going to have a great time cleaning your butt-butt throughout the day when mummy goes back to work next week!

And… of course it would be totally rude to not mention Madhouse Family Reviews. We have recently won a trio of gorgeous anyway-up cups with Cheryl and can’t wait to introduce them to Dex’s routine. Thanks Cheryl , can’t wait to receive them.

So when did your lil one start weaning? Have you any advice for us as Dexter starts his adventure of discovering new food?



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  1. Awww he’s gorgeous ! Baby advice changes all the time – I seem to remember it being 4 months for Sophie (now 11) but back then, you were supposed to put babies on their side to sleep too, and that’s seen as a definite no-no now too ! Can’t wait to see some photos of him using the cups. He looks really alert and adventurous already ! 🙂

    • Thanks Cheryl. We absolutely love him. I can’t believe how well he’s taken to it. To be honest he’s such a dream-baby though and sleeps and plays so well. Very lucky to have such an easy baby for our first foray into parenthood! x

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