Another short hiatus whilst we move house


No sooner am I back from holiday, than we move house! Yes, I seem to like a challenge as my life seems to have been non-stop recently. Unfortunately, Sky broadband can’t seem to manage a seamless transition from old to new house so they’re disconnecting us today, and we’ll be activated again in the new house sometime next week (you guessed it – they couldn’t specify a date!).

So I’m having to take another mini blog hiatus. I will have a dongle in case of urgent queries (and for stealing a few moments when I’m having serious withdrawals). It’ll all be worth it as we’re moving so Dexter can have a garden and we can be near the best nursery / primary school in town.

See you on the other side!

Mustn’t forget the baby…




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  1. Awwww such cute pictures of Dexter!!

    On a separate note, I feel your pain. We moved house twice in four months the year that Beanie Boy was born. We were with TalkTalk at the time and lost internet access for 6 weeks on each move!!! I felt like I had completely lost touch with the world 😦

    Hope the move goes well x

  2. Awww Gem he is adorable! How can you forget that handsome lil fella? 🙂

    I bet you are super excited about having a garden and being able to let him play out when spring/summer come around again.

    I hate moving house though for that very reason of Internet connections. We had to wait a month for sky broadband to be activated why I have no idea!!! Phone and tv was instant. Grrrr! Glad you won’t be offline totally though. Be good to catch up still. Keep us updated on the move and oh, take lots more photos of Dex xxx

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