Headlines from your first 6 months


So tomorrow you turn 6 months!

With all chaos you’ve created over the last 183 days – keeping on top of news stories from around the world hasn’t been much of a priority. As this is your blog, it isn’t lost on me that you’ll be cringing on occasion and will probably beg me not to direct future girlfriends to this site. As much as you’ll probably be delighted to know when you first clutched a toy, sat unaided, spoke your first words – I suspect you’ll also have lots of questions about what the world was like when you were born.

Here’s a mini round-up of things from your first half-year you might want to know:

PRICE OF MILK: It will probably make you giggle that I had to Google this. Mummy is so used to just shoving things in the trolley and whipping her battered card out at the checkout, I’m not really one for paying attention to prices. However, a two pint carton will set you back 90 pence on average.

AVERAGE HOUSE VALUE: Where we live (and you were born) in Reading the average house value is £248,486 according to the BBC News website. This is really expensive and you can buy lots of toys with that kind of dosh.  A further breakdown reveals the following: Detached: £461,751 / Semi-detached : £272,813 / Terrace : £207,356 /  Flat : £175,903.

Needless to say mummy and daddy can’t afford to buy a house right now so we’re renting. Our monthly rent is £850 per month (it should be a little more but we’re currently renting a friend’s house). We have plans to buy a house all of our own in a few years time. This will give you some security when you grow up and need money to go to university (if you want to) before you make your own millions. I suspect inflation will make these figures seem laughable when you’re old enough to read this – but you have to remember that our wages are probably much lower than those you’ll be commanding when you join the England Rugby team.

TOP TV SHOWS: Major successes over the last 6 months have been Homelands, Downton Abbey, X Factor, and The Only Way is Essex. Quite an eclectic mix there and mummy doesn’t like all of them.

I should point out now that this is set in the post-Edwardian era and mummy and daddy don’t dress like this. In fact, you’re very lucky if mummy gets dressed at all. Right now it’s 3 o’clock and mummy is still in her dressing gown.

BLOCKBUSTERS: Major films in the cinema since you’ve been born are Skyfall and the Dark Knight RisesMummy is not the best person to ask if these films are any good as she hates the cinema, and hates spy / superhero things. Daddy, on-the-otherhand, loves it. When you’re old enough – we’ll get these films on blu-ray (or whatever the equivalent is when you’re reading this) so you can see what all the fuss is about.

MUSIC: When you were born R.I.P by Rita Ora ft. Tinie Tempah was No.1 in the download / chart thingy. It’s very confusing nowadays as people have iTunes and don’t buy music in the shops. Because of this, it’s quite difficult to say what is No1 at all! Rita Ora is relatively new to the music scene but she’s quite popular. The song was okay but hardly the most memorable and I doubt you’ll be able to select it on pub jukeboxes when you’re older.

The song that reminds me most of you (and makes mummy cry like an idiot) is Gary Barlow’s Sing ft. the Military Wives. For the record, this admission won’t earn me any street cred points and this is not mummy’s usual music choice. What makes it so special is that I remember vividly being sat in bed absolutely exhausted from breast-feeding and crying buckets. I was looking down at you in your Moses basket and my tears were dripping on your little face. There was a documentary on about the making of this song and I was literally too tired and emotional to change the channel. I felt completely in love with you and totally overwhelmed. This got to No.1 the month after you were born.

Sing – Gary Barlow & The Commonwealth Band featuring Military Wives

HEADLINES: These leads me nicely into one of the major headlines of your little life so far as Barlow’s song was written for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I won’t write too much about this as mummy has kept loads of clippings and magazines dedicated to this event for you to read when you’re older. Mummy used to live in London and there was a regatta just minutes away from where mummy used to live. There were also big concerts to celebrate the Queen’s 60th year on the throne.

The Olympics were also held in London for the first time in over 50 years. Mummy had been really excited about this and joked when she was pregnant that her maternity-leave would coincide nicely with the games. Unfortunately mummy spent most of this time asleep exhausted from the nightfeeds!

The UK had a fantastic games and a number of athletes are now household names as a result of the medals they won. Among the greatest were Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and Victoria Pendleton. I’m hoping the Olympic legacy will live on and there’ll be more opportunity for you to take part in specialist sports as a result. I’ll be proud of you no matter what you do in life – but it would be a major perk if you managed to secure us finals tickets to watch you someday.

Across the pond, the US elections have just come to an end. Barack Obama is now to serve his second term which mummy is very pleased about. Mummy is very interested in politics and stayed up to watch Obama retain his presidency against Republican Mitt Romney. It was predicted it would be a closely contested race but it turns out Obama won comfortably and won’t face any serious challenge. Mummy believe this is a good thing as we’re still in the grip of recession and the world economy needs consistency during this time. Obama is the US’s first ever African American president and mummy thinks he’s the best they’ve ever had. My hope is that he’ll still be in office as you grow up.

Of course there have been other major stories over the last 6 months, some of them not so positive which I won’t talk about here. I’m quite excited that we’ve welcomed you into the world at possibly the most exciting time in British history. When you are an old man you’ll be able to say you were alive when Britain hosted the 2012 games and the Queen became the Britain’s longest reigning monarch second only to Queen Victoria (maybe she’ll have overtaken her by the time you’re reading this). Of course from mummy and daddy’s perspective the biggest story from the last 6 months, and biggest event of our lives so far is You. Dexter Thomas Mills born 16th May 2012.


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  1. RustyGood post Davey and good attitude. What previous posters probably don’t realize is that after that long on a plane, a plate of eggs seems like the most wonderful gift you have ever received. I’m ready to bite nails after a 4 hour plane trip, I hate to imagine 28 hours, uuuhhhh!!! I really want to visit aussie land but I keep thinking,,,28 hours on a plane, OMG! I would have to st,b,,,oha,,ayout a year to make up for that!!

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