Last weekend my Dad and his wife came to visit. Dexter was largely distracted from his teething as he loves an audience and always gets lots of fuss from Nanny and Grandad.

Dexter was most impressed with Grandad’s glasses and poor Grandad had to hide them for fear of them breaking / disappearing into Dexter’s cavernous mouth. Due to his teething, Dexter has an obsession with mouths at the moment – we constantly have our hands in his, and he seems fascinated by ours. Grandad was no exception and in went the little fingers!

When the fun was over and Nanny and Grandad went home, the tears took ahold and Dexter had a rare moment where he struggled with the pain in his gums. He didn’t settle in bed as he usually does and we had to dish out plenty of cuddles to soothe him.

In fairness Dexter is great with pain. He rarely cries and is very easily distracted. I think we’ve had a harder time with his teething than he has! It’s hard to see him constantly biting his fingers and chewing everything in sight. I just can’t get my head around our comparatively ‘easy’ experience when I’m constantly reading horror stories from other mummy’s.

Of course I’ve been on the watch-out for bad nappies and temperatures but we seem to have been spared the worst of this. Yes, there’s been light symptoms, but he’s mostly smiley and seems more intrigued than unhappy.

As overzealous parents, we’ve stocked up on all the usual bits. Bonjela and Calpol, teething toys (I’ve mentioned his Brush-Baby and he also has a gel hand that lives in the fridge in case he needs it) but he seems most contented by a bottle or sucking on his own fingers. Recently though, we’ve been questioning our reliance on medicating with milk as it means an extra 180ml a day (over and above the recommended 600ml). It just seemed to be the only thing that offered any real relief.

Earlier this week – I mentioned the problem on Dexter’s Facebook page and Life With Liv posted something hugely helpful. She suggested to try frozen banana – something we’d never have thought of.

Liv’s (teeth) took ages to come through too, we used a Teething-Bling necklace and bangle, and Tommee Tippee have these teethers that look like a gum shield (you can put your teething gel on it for them to chew on). We also froze banana and put it in Nuby net feeders and also Nelsons teething powder. The main thing is getting him to bite on plenty of things. They really do suffer :( x

This advice has been utter genius. Dexie loves banana and the cold serves to numb the pain perfectly. He screws up his little face when you first pop it in but he quickly starts gumming it when he realises how tasty it is. We’re really grateful for such brilliant advice as it’s certainly helped so far.

I’m under no illusion it’ll get worse as his back ones come through – especially as his grip hasn’t developed yet and he can’t quite get a handle on all the gadgets and gizmos we’ve bought for him to chew on. But right now, I’m pretty proud of my Little Soldier.


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