We’re Graco Ambassador Finalists!


We’re hugely excited this morning and incredibly proud to announce that we’re now Graco Ambassador finalists! We’re joined by 4 others who will be reviewing the same product as us… EdSpire , Red Rose Mummy , The Road to Being a Yummy Mummy and Karen Lancaster who tweets here .

Dexter’s first challenge will be to review a Graco Evo Travel System.

It just so happens we were checking this out at the weekend as the suspension on our secondhand travel system has bitten the dust. For some reason the tyres have also needed pumping up every fortnight too (despite us changing both inner tubes within the last 3 months). Although Dexter has found it very amusing to see mummy on her hands and knees over the last few months, I think it’s time to upgrade and get something more reliable.

As you’ll know, I’m obsessed with reading reviews from mummy bloggers to make sure I’m making wise buying decisions – especially on expensive items. We also love going to baby shows and finding out about the latest trends and innovations. Our quest for a new travel system was no exception as, like all parents, we have an exhaustive list of things we want out of a travel system. We’ve picked our top 6 that we’ll be focusing on when reviewing the Graco.

We have some crazy stunts planned to give it a thorough little road-test. I won’t reveal our plans just yet but I can tell you to look forward to some shaky camera footage courtesy of the iPhone (and yes I’ll be starring in said videos… arghh!). You can follow our exploits here on the blog, on Twitter, Youtube, and also on Facebook.

Until then, here’s a close up of the Evo with its pushchair attachment. Pretty sexy hey?


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