Not so much a baby anymore…


We took some random shots of Dexter yesterday. Flicking through them it struck me just how much older he looks!


His hair is really growing now and getting a little darker. We always had visions of growing his hair and letting it become a shaggy mess. I love seeing little boys with mops of hair – it’s definitely one of those 80’s trends that’s making a comeback (think E.T and Kramer vs Kramer). I also think it’s really ‘age appropriate’ – little boys shouldn’t worry about their hair, they should be out having fun. Craig and I are really keen that Dexter doesn’t grow up before his time and I suppose the mop look kind of went hand in hand with this.

Now I’m thinking that long hair won’t suit him. He has these adorable big ears which give him heaps of personality. He looks like a cheeky monkey and his ears add to this perfectly. His hair is also very thick at the back – and isn’t as soft as that on the top of his head. We’ll have to see when he’s a little older but I have a funny feeling that he’ll be sporting a mullet if we grow it out.


His cheeks have also filled out as a result of his teething. This is giving his little face more definition and structure. His cheekbones and round face come from me, his chin and ears are most definitely his daddy’s. I love the fact there are bits of both of us in there. It’s almost as though someone cherry-picked our best features and planted them on Dexter.


But my all time favourite thing is Dexter’s sparkly big blue eyes which are very similar to mine. When he smiles, it travels straight to his eyes and his whole face lights up.

He’s so very handsome – we’re definitely the luckiest parents alive. I just can’t wait to see what the next few months / years bring!


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