A poorly Dexter – Advice for dealing with colds anyone?



So my poorly boy has his first ever cold. Craig woke me up at 3am last night as he’d awoke to find Dexter making funny noises. He’d been in to see Dexter and discovered him struggling to breathe as his nose was so blocked. We gave him a big cuddle and some sinus drops and all went back to sleep. Unfortunately Dexter woke up crying at 4am and we had to pop him in bed with us to settle him back down.

Today has been one big struggle. Dexter’s nose is streaming and I’ve been hovering over him all morning with a muslin trying to catch it all. He’s not old enough to blow his nose yet and he’s reluctant to let me wipe as he has to hold his breath when I cover his airways. He’s been understandably tearful and nothing I do seems to make it better. He’s also been clutching at his ear a fair bit and Craig and I both noticed it seemed red and hot the day before – that’s probably an earache then on top of the cold.

We’ve tried to control his temperature with Calpol, and give him plenty of fluids, but it’s so tough watching him suffer. I know it’s the first of many and there’s no point rushing to the GP, but it’s a bit of a guessing game knowing what to do when they’re so young and can’t tell you what’s getting to them. He’s usually so cheerful and happy – but now his crying is just incessant and I’m getting worried. He won’t let me put him down either which has made for an interesting morning of housework.

Anyone got any tips for dealing with minor colds and coughs? I’m worried that he won’t know to breathe through his mouth if it worsens.


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  1. Aww the first time is always scary. I have a couple of blogposts with advice from the experts – http://madhousefamilyreviews.blogspot.com/2011/11/top-tips-to-unblock-little-noses-with.html and http://madhousefamilyreviews.blogspot.com/2012/11/advice-on-helping-your-children-sleep.html As far as my personal advice goes, we use Sterimar to loosen it all up then a baby nose sucker to get as much out as possible. If he’s holding his ear, he may well have an ear infection though so I’d take him to the doctor’s for that as it may be incredibly painful. A baby carrier may help calm him down if he wants to be held all the time. Hang on in there, it’s tough watching little ones suffer when there’s not a lot you can do 😦

    • Perfect. Thanks Cheryl! That’s so sweet of you. That nose sucker sounds perfect. It’s just streaming out so ideal! Sent OH on a mission to hunt one down xx Hope your family are all looking forward to Christmas x

  2. There are various types of baby nose aspirators (or snot suckers as we call them !). You can get electric ones which are expensive and scary because they’re noisy. You can get ones with a squeezy bulb but, if you’re not too squeamish, the best ones in my experience are the ones you suck with your mouth – just don’t forget the cotton wool plug, whatever you do !! They don’t go down well so be prepared for tears but they are very effective xxx

    • Great stuff Cheryl. The electric one sounds scary – for me let alone him! Craig didn’t have any joy so I’ll be going on a hunt tomorrow. I also have a doctors appointment as I want them to check his ears. I’m thinking it might have spread to his sinuses so thought it best to have him looked at. It’s so hard as they can’t tell you what’s hurting them x

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  5. Wonderful Cheryl. Thanks a lot.Nose Suckers sound is not good after that nothing to do. we have to maintain right temperature for a baby. I think If we control temperature for a baby then cold will be removed from the baby.

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