Cousin Sky’s Birthday!



We had lots of fun at Cousin Sky’s 5th birthday party on Saturday. It was a princess and pirate theme but unfortunately Mummy and Daddy forgot and you went as… well Dexter.

There was a big hall with a disco and all your family were there. The DJ doubled up as an entertainer, puppet master and magician…


Cousin Lenny seemed to really enjoy the magic tricks! The funniest thing by far though was watching the older kids start their heckling careers – “I know how you do that one”, “Are you really a magician or do you just lie?” – I was in fits taking the photographs.


We even had a guest appearance from Philip Schofield! Okay, okay – it’s only Grandad but they do look like each other!


You tried cucumber for the first time! You had a tiny chew and we were still fishing out little chunks of it an hour later. I’m not sure you were that impressed…


Bella is really growing now and you both had lots of cuddles from all the family. You’ve both got teeth now – Bella has one, and you have two!


You stayed awake for the whole party with minimal tears despite your teething. You had a few dances with mummy and were brilliantly behaved.


Unfortunately it was all too much fun for some of us and Bella crashed on her Daddy before the day was through… awww!



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