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Our Excellent BabyShow Experience


First off, I have to credit the fab guys at ErgoPouch for the tickets. I won them from a Facebook competition and was beyond excited.

The truth is, I’d been begging The Man for ages to go. Ever-the-practical one, he’d already begun googling car parking spaces and train fares to work out our best route – needless to say we were ecstatic to save on the entry fee to buy more bits. I insisted on getting there when the doors opened which meant leaving the house at 7.30am (getting Dex up at 6am!) – so we left the house looking a bit hagged but very excited.

Dex – Looking fairly miserable to be honest!

We weren’t at all disappointed. I turned into one of those cringey tour-guide-types pointing out every brand I knew. Craig persevered with me though and lasted until 5pm (with a quick beer break which was more than deserved). So here’s our pick of the show!


Morrck: Their blankets were my favourite of the show. We fell in love with the colours and quality and thought they were a steal at the show price. I stupidly left the stall to ‘think’ about it, and completely forgot to go back and grab one. Since the show, I’ve been digging around a little at home and found that their prices are still very respectable with blankets at just £19.95. Big thumbs up from us, and firmly on the Christmas list!

The perfect value-for-money accessory

Pumpkin Patch: I don’t even need to comment on how great these guys are. I was seriously impressed with them at the show too. Offering a staggering 50% off label prices, we bagged two winter hats and a pair of warm and cosy yoga trousers for just £11.

Interestingly, I mentioned the brand to my sister-in-law-to-be yesterday and her response was “Oh I know. They’re designer aren’t they? So really expensive?” – well no actually, I’ve always found them to be really reasonably priced. I’d recommend signing up to Patch eClub to get the latest promotions straight to your inbox.

By Carla: This has to go down as my steal of the show. I hadn’t heard of By Carla before the show which is perhaps unsurprising as they don’t sell direct and partner with regional stockists. Our nearest one is in Slough which isn’t somewhere we’d ever think of visiting. Never-the-less I got an absolute bargain super fluffy white rug for just £17. This sets off Dexter’s room perfectly and will be used for countless photographs to come.

Best Innovation:

Brush-Baby: I’m not going to comment too much here as I’m impressed enough to dedicate a whole blog post to the brand. I met the gorgeous Lulu (the brands inventor’s daughter) and she gave me a seriously detailed sales pitch that was enough to convince me to buy the Tooth Brush / Teether. Dexter has taken to this like a storm – keep checking back to my blog for a detailed run through of some of the other products available and their benefits. Until then, here is Dexie gumming his to death!

Dexie and his Brush-Baby!

VeraTemp: I felt so incredibly sorry for this lonely looking stall. The sales guy looked completely overwhelmed by the hoards of pregnant ladies and strollers. I saw him give someone a quick demo and couldn’t resist seeing the product close-up. The product is genius and a must-have item for any parent in my eyes. It’s a point-and-record non-contact thermometer.

As Dexter was ill at 6 weeks, I remember desperately struggling with a conventional under-the-armpit thermometer to get his temperature. Dexter got stressed easily and it was virtually impossible to get an accurate reading. This product allows you to take a sleeping childs temperature with zero danger of waking them up or distressing them. There’s also a colour changing display that indicates when the child is too hot. I’ve already asked for this for Christmas.

mOmma: Genius. A fork that doesn’t touch the floor. At £1.50 (BabyShow special price) we just had to buy it. It’s weighted on the non-fork end, and rounded so it naturally stays upright. Dex hasn’t moved onto forks yet so we haven’t had a chance to test it but I can imagine it’ll be roadtested to the max in a few months time. You can grab one for yourself here at Amazon for £1,99.

Yoomi: I’m guessing Yoomi aren’t such newbies on the baby scene now as they’ve had endless great press. Their self warming bottle technology is such a great idea for breastfeeding mum’s as it achieves breast milk temperature in just 60 seconds. Dexie has been bottle-fed from 6 weeks and actually prefers his milk slightly cold but I can see how brilliant the technology is behind this brand. I guess my reservation is that the bottle warmer can only sit within the Yoomi bottle but hey, they have to make money somehow.

Rather surprisingly, the bigger hit in our house has been the Yoomi Lambi. We received this cute microwavable soft lamb toy from the BabyShow for free as per a promo I spotted on a blog, but you can get it from the online Yoomi shop for £8.99. It’s adorable! You simply pop in the microwave for 2 minutes and it’s a soft warm snuggly toy for children. It’s also lightly infused with lavender to promote sleep. This works a treat in Dexie’s cot (as he’s too little to actually snuggle with teddy). We just tuck him in and pop it out of arms reach and Dexter seems to like it.

Style Files:

Merino Kids: Who doesn’t like Merino Kids sleepwear. It’s ridiculously soft and the muted colours scream luxury. We had a long chat with a salesperson who was keen to tell me that the brand aspired to be “every parent’s No 1 sleep-choice brand”. As much as I can appreciate why their breathable fabric is amazing for delicate skin, I think this will be an uphill struggle considering the celebrity price tag. Never-the-less they are seriously stylish and gorgeous. Dexter has entered to be their next face of 2013 so who knows, he might be swaddled up in Merino as soon as next year!

I want one of those! Merino Kids – Hat and Scarf set… aww!

Ruby and Ginger: These guys are the proud innovators behind the Nappy Purse. They secured funding from Ireland’s Dragon’s Den and countless celebrity’s are stepping out with their product on their arm. The Nappy Purse is sleek, stylish and practical (how rehearsed do I sound?? But I actually mean every word). So often I find myself taking a huge changebag to Tesco’s or friends houses when I just don’t need to. This cute little bag contains a baby wipe case and enough space for several nappies, plus a handy pouch for your mobile or lipstick. I’m expecting a review product shortly so will be writing a detailed review in the next few weeks. Until then, here’s Zoe Ball modelling hers!

Faye & Lou: Definitely the most colourful stall of the lot.Their rainbow muslins are such a simple idea and are hugely popular. They’re quickly turning into an iconic brand where mums-in-the-know will give each other the secret nod whenever they see a bright green muslin.

Stokke: I don’t need to say too much about Stokke. I’ve been secretly coveting a Stokke Tripp Trapp for ages and it was great to see the product up close and personal. Even better was to have my Craig there with me so he got to fall in love with it too. This will no doubt be a secondhand eBay purchase for us but who cares – this product could last for years! The Tripp Trapp is now celebrating its 40th birthday and still looks better than ever if you ask me.

This genius product grows with your child.. now if only I could find clothes that would do the same!

Best Eco / Green Products:

DermaH20 WaterWipes: YESSSSSS. Finally a baby wipe that doesn’t bring Dexter’s face out in a rash. These are the world’s purest and mildest baby wipes containing only 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract. I can’t rave enough about these. Of course they’re perfect for babies prone to nappy rash or with sensitive skin, but they’re also great for quick top and tailing throughout the day. Every parent-to-be should have these in their hospital bags, and the homeopathic crowd won’t be disappointed either. Top marks.

gNappies: I completely understand that the battle of the cloth / reusable nappy brands is at fever pitch right now. Wading in with my two-pennies is bound to prompt a backlash as I appreciate some will claim to be more eco-friendly than others. However, I was most impressed by gNappies and ever so tempted to switch from disposables. They’re stylish, well designed, and part-disposable so you won’t find yourself hand deep in poo.

Most impressive was the elasticated cuffs around the legs to allow freedom of movement, and the fact you adjust the waistband of the nappy at the back (rather than the front /sides). I could already see that all the little marks Dexter usually gets around his tummy and upper leg wouldn’t be a problem with these. The designs were also pretty gorgeous and I could see myself taking pic after pic of a semi naked Dexter looking as cool as ever.

gPants – Simply gorgeous

The problem I have with them, and all part-disposable brands is the cost of the inserts. I must reiterate, it’s the inserts and not the actual cloth part. In all truthfulness, I’d pay £50 for a good quality cloth component that would be comfortable for Dexter and this would still work out cheaper than disposables. Nope, my issue is the cost of the disposable strips that sit within the cloth part. I just can’t fathom why these work out to be so expensive. At £10 for 40 – this is more than we pay for Pampers, and not so easily available. As the insert uses less than half the material of a full disposable, why is this? Come on gNappies – I soooo want to be converted but you just need to go that one step further and slash the price. I just feel there should be a reward for going-green and the very act of doing so should be made more cost-effective for parents.

I must admit, this is the sort of brand you want to trial to see how you get on, rather than invest in it and find yourself slipping back to a disposable lifestyle. I’d definitely like to give it a go- not least for the awesome photographs! 🙂 In all seriousness maybe all the pros would outweigh my minor itsy bitsy con – who knows…

Educational / Traditional brands:

Pixie and Punk: I first stumbled on Tagore’s unique take on clothes via Casabu (the deal site was partnering with P&P at the time). His little t-shirts have pockets with miniature teddies and come in a mini cotton bag. I remember thinking it was a cute idea and making a note to visit his website. I had no idea he did books until I bumped into him at the BabyShow.

The concept is interesting. He combines a traditional story with photographs rather than illustrations. When I was little I remember my favourite books being the factual ones; ones about wildlife, or how-to-draw – they made me feel like an adult and didn’t patronise me. As we chatted about the brand, Tagore said that he felt his books aid a child’s development as she / he are encouraged to associate words with actual objects, animals and people, rather than cartoons. I personally think it goes even further than this – seeing animals as nature intended gets them into conservation, seeing vegetable’s photographed brilliantly and beautifully could help them make real healthy food choices… there’s a compelling argument here.

The brand is still young and I got the sense there was much more to come from Tagore – so I’ll be keeping my ear close to the ground.

Marks & Spencers: Good ole Marks. They get best-in-show from me for featuring their latest collections and offering us all 20% off ticket prices. We got some really lovely bits for Dexie including a lovely blue snowsuit and some warm reversible jogging bottoms. This will be Dexie’s first ever winter so we’ve really stocked up on jumpers and onesies to keep him lovely and snug. No other brand seems to offer such superior quality when it comes to children’s clothes – yet they so often don’t get any recognition. I literally wanted everything I saw!


All in all – our experience was brilliant. It was great to see all the brands I know so much about, but have never physically touched before. Sorry this post has worked out to be so link heavy but sharing is caring and all that!

So have I missed any out? What were your highlights?


Getting ready for Halloween! (Review: Tamara Small and the Monsters’ Ball, & The Fearsome Beastie)


Well we’re in our new home! The move hasn’t gone well at all if I’m honest and we’re locked in disputes with our former letting agency over the release of the deposit. As much as I love our new house, we have a lot to do in terms of buying new furniture and making it a ‘home’. Couple this with a return-to-work and a deterioration in mum’s health (she had 6 epileptic fits on Saturday – being disabled (from a stroke) she’s sustained some quite horrific injuries that have left her bed-bound) – I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with it all and, if I’m honest, a bit depressed. The truth is, something will have to give.

With all this going on – Dexie and I haven’t managed any solid quality time. By the time I get home from work, he’s ready for a bottle, bath, then bed! Luckily my work have been fabulous and offered me a phased return-to-work rather than working a full 5 days for the first few weeks. I’m hugely grateful as I have definitely overdone it this month. So today, it’s all about Dexter and having fun.

With Halloween coming up, I decided to do a themed day. We’re dressed up; Dexie is a Pumpkin courtesy of Tescos, and I have no make-up on! And we’ve been on some scary adventures thanks to the supremely talented Giles Paley-Phillips.

We’ve kindly been sent two books Tamara Small and the Monsters’ Ball, and The Fearsome Beastie (winner of the People’s book prize). It’s so important to us that Dexie grows up loving books. I was a massive reader growing up. My mum still raves on about how proud she was that I was reading before I went to school. Unfortunately mum is so ill now, it’s so difficult telling truth from fiction but I believe her about this one. I have a hazy memory of the entire house being labelled up so we learnt that every room, piece of furniture and toy had a ‘name’. I doubt I’ll be this over-the-top with Dex but we’ll always read to him.

These books are the best I’ve seen for tiny people. The entire page is illustrated so there’s plenty to feast your eyes on. Tamara Small and the Monsters’ Ball is great fun. Poor Tamara is snatched away in the night by a monster and whisked to a ball with friendly goblins, ghosts, ghouls, witches and bats. There’s dancing and delights and Tamara is even welcomed into the fold with a slime cake! As you’d expect, all ends well as the witches cast a spell to return her home to her bed. I’ve seen a fab review of this book over on Missing Sleep that suggests that her 3 and 5 year olds discovered a new-found appreciation for things that go bump in the night. How fabulous is that for Halloween preparation!?

The Fearsome Beastie is about a huge monster that tricks some brothers and sisters into playing with him by crying outside their window. Having gained their trust he gobbles up all but one child who rushes to his nana for help. His wise old gran rushes out with an axe to slay the monster and release the children from his belly. Thanks to the bravery of nanny, each child comes “running out of Beastie’s tummy… each one crying for their mummy”. With disaster averted, nana then brews up a monster stew!

These books are a massive hit here at Chez Mill’s as each page is a set of witty rhyming couplets. Daddy is a champion story-teller and can make the phone book sound fun and exciting with an array of accents and embellishments. I, on the other hand, am terrible. Giles Paley-Phillips’ style is so engaging even I am able to keep Dexter interested. I’ve also left the book open the floor next to his playmat on some of the colourful pages. Dexter will chat to himself and study the monsters quietly – grabbing at the book.

With Dexter growing up and sleeping through the night – it’s getting harder and harder to entertain him throughout the day. Thanks to Paley-Phillips I now have another tool in my armoury to keep Dexter happy. Rather than let your babies gorge on sweets this Halloween, this is surely the better bet.

Giles Paley-Phillips blogs here about his writing, upcoming book signings, and about prizes he has been awarded. You can buy Tamara Small and the Monsters’ Ball from Amazon for just £6.29, and The Fearsome Beastie for just £4.49.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent copies of both books from GPP PR & Marketing but all the words and opinions in this post are my own. I have not received any payment for this post, nor had any communication with any other mentioned retailers.

Week 19 – 21


Catch up cont’ed…
Week 19 – the 2nd trimester!
Your vital stats: 6.5″ / 225-250g
At this stage, all of your development can be checked on an ultrasound scan including your brain, spine, stomach, bladder, kidneys, hands and feet (as you know – mum has already done this and you’re perfect in every way). If the books are right, you got a little more devious this week and started performing new tricks. As more of your nerves became covered in fatty ‘myelin’, the nervous system started to work more quickly and efficiently (myelin helps impulses flow smoothly along the nerve cells). As a result your movements may well have become stronger and more complex. You may have tried to grasp the umbilical cord or even sit cross-legged! Keep this up please as I really want daddy to feel you move soon.

The part of the brain that governs the senses developed greatly this week too. In fact, you may have started reacting more strongly to different tastes, touches and sounds. Although I can’t say for certain if you are at this stage yet, the books give a few examples… “Your baby may stop sucking if a bitter taste in the amniotic fluid is sensed… or kick vigorously if prodded through your bump”. I can tell you it’s true that you seem to calm down when daddy strokes you. I’m not sure how his touch differs to mine but I guess his hands are warmer and bigger. It’s this that usually settles you back to sleep after you’ve woken mummy in the night.

Apparantly braxton hicks can start any time from here on in (practice contractions)! That’s a little worrying!

Week 19
Week 19
Week 20 – Halfway there!
Your vital stats: 7″ / 310g
This was the week of our scan (see last post) so no pics needed as yours is the most perfect one on the web right now!
From here on in, your growth began to slow to allow for your lungs, digestive and immune system to mature. From a development point of view… your permanent teeth began growing behind your milk teeth, you can now recognise mummy’s incessant whining, and you started producing meconium (less said, the better I reckon as this is your poo). The nerve cells serving each of the senses began to develop ito the particular areas of the brain. The increase in number of nerve cells slowed but the complex connections required for the development of memory and thinking funtions began to form.
Other than that – the news is pretty scant to be honest!
Week 21
Your vital stats: 9″ / 350g
Although the umbilical cord is still your main source of nutrients, something new happened this week and your deveoping digestive system allowed small amounts of sugar to be absorbed from the amniotic fluid you regularly swallow (about 500ml in a 24 hour period). Also, although your red blood cells were most commonly produced by the liver and spleen, your bone marrow began to help with this too this week – all good news for when you enter our world.
Your heartbeat is also banging away now. A midwife no longer needs a doppler and you can you hear your heartbeat using a stethoscope. Your heartbeat is currently between 120-140 beats per minute – much faster than mine!
Again this seems to be a slow week so not a whole lot to report.
21 weeks!!!
21 weeks!!!
So there we are – all caught up. This has been an epic post so time to sign off and have a cuddle with Daddy. I promise to write some more this week xx

What a neglectful blogger I am!


The last update on progress we had was week 15! That means I’m 6 weeks behind! Here’s a mini summary based on email reports from Emma’s Diary, SMA, Cow & GateBounty and Huggies

Week 16

Your vital stats: 4.5″ / 80g

Your tiny arms and legs completed forming and began retaining calcium (ossifying). Your nervous system also beganoperating and your muscles started to respond to stimulation / messages sent from your brain (cerebral cortex). This means you have some control now over your movements (so next time mummy begs you to stop wriggling when she’s trying to sleep – pack it in). We’ve seen some evidence of your gymnastic skills on our last scan already so you’re clearly a happy boy in there!

Week 17

Your vital stats: 5″ (9″ if you could stretch out)/ 100g

You grew to the size of a small melon this week and entered another growth spurt. Your skeleton continued to harden from rubbery cartilage to bone, and brown fat (adipose tissue) surrounded your tiny frame. This brown fat is crucial for body heat generation so it’s not that you’re a porky baby! These fat deposits will make up about 3/4 of your total bodyweight at birth.

My umbilical cord (your lifeline to the placenta) thickened and strengthened a great deal this week also as you’re demanding more sustenance from me. In fact, it’s almost the same size as you at this moment and contains thousands of weeney blood vessels to provide you with the oxygen you need to keep growing (you’ll overtake this in the next few weeks but I bet it was slightly cramped in there for a while). A layer of protective myelin also formed around your spine to keep your shape, and your intestines began to function on their own. On a less scientific note, you grew your eyebrows xx

You grew much more responsive to sound and mummy can testify to this; She felt you vibrating in the cinema this week (it’s okay, we watched Iron Lady which was boring so you didn’t ruin the film). Mummy also got a little more unstable on her feet and has to be careful when she stands up from sitting on her bum. Daddy pulls mummy up now to stop her crushing you (this is because the uterus is now level with my belly button). Luckily there’s been no sign of the dark patches on my face that some books predicted – a few new spots though which mummy is none too pleased about.

Here’s a 3D image of another baby (just like you) at week 17.

Week 17 3D Ultrasound

Week 17 3D Ultrasound

Week 18

Your vital stats: 6″ / 200g

At this point you still had a fair bit of room to play in and kept on rolling around. Books say this was your most active phase but your were too tiny for mummy to feel it. Perhaps the most amazing thing this week is that your ‘boy bits’ formed (well… your prostrate gland)! When you eventually get around to reading this you’ll want to kill me – but in 16 or so years time you’ll be thanking week 18!

You retinas became more responsive to light also so you’re now vaguely aware of the difference between daylight and night time (although mummy isn’t quite sure you have this nailed yet). Some books say you’re now settling into a routine – I sincerely hope this isn’t true! Daddy bought mummy a special pillow right about now. This moulds to mummy’s tummy to protect me rolling on you. Although this helps, mummy wakes up around 4 times a night still from shooting pain. I’m hoping this isn’t too indicative of your routine in a few months time!

Inside your lungs, tiny air sacs called alveoli began developing. Your fingerprints also began to appear on your finger pads and vernix (a white waxy covering) formed on your deicate skin to protect it. More amazingly, your eyes began to move beneath your eyelids. Your ears also moved into position and began to stick out (oh dear! Daddy has big ones so let’s hope yours are more like mine). This little fact made me well up a little – you began to go through the motions of crying but no one can hear you as you have no real air to breathe… aww – how cute. You can also yawn and frown now xx

Another 3D imaging scan - week 18

Another 3D imaging scan - week 18

Week 15


Not too much to report for you baby, but mummy has had loads happening this week. She’s been feeling you move around and hiccupping inside her belly. It’s not exactly painful, more surreal. Interestingly you have a routine already and will wriggle and jerk just when mummy is trying to sleep, and straight after she’s eaten. Just so you know, this is when mummy is at her tiredest so thanks for that! 🙂 We’ve tried to help with this by adding 2 more pillows to the bed – this makes 6 in total. Mummy has always slept on her front so it’s going to be tough adjusting to sleeping on my side. If I accidentally flip onto my tummy then don’t hate me! Mummy will get used to it.

I’m getting tired again too. My heart is pumping approx 20% more blood around my body to get you the essential oxygen and blood you need. This places a bit of strain on mummy and makes her sleepy. You’re also quite heavy which tires mummy out even more!

You’re quite noticeable now and mummy looks enormous carrying you around. People have begun to comment, and some have started to guess at what you might be; a boy or a girl. Only 1 person has said girl so far, the rest all seem to agree with mummy that you’re a boy.

I’m also sneezing a lot more, suffering with a stuffy nose, and coughing a little. This is where mummy’s immune system is in overdrive looking after the two of us. Nevermind, I’d rather suffer than you so hopefully I’m sheltering you from the colds and viruses making the rounds. My memory is also a little rusty and I’m a bit slower that I used to be. The books all say this is natures way of making sure I de-stress and take it easy – here’s hoping it comes back though as mummy has lots to do in December at work.

More importantly, mummy and daddy are getting along much better. We were never really angry at each other, there was just lots going on and mummy’s hormones were making her horrible to be around.  Now things are back to normal and we’re happy again. This is just in time as I know you can pick up on my moods now.

Baby at 15 weeks

Baby at 15 weeks

Now onto you…

  • You’re now about 7 inches long and weigh in at 2.5 ounces – this makes you the size of a grapefruit!
  • You’ve grown soft, downy hair all over your little body. Mummy and daddy won’t see this hair as you’ll have shed it before you meet us. This is to protect your skin from the constant exposure to fluid, and help regulate your temperature inside mummy. Just as well as it’s freezing outside at the moment! You brand new seat glands will also be helping with this
  • Speaking of hair, if you are going to be born with a full head of hair, this is already decided. As mummy and daddy have dark hair, I suspect you’ll have lots of this!
  • You also now have eyebrows to frame your eyes
  • You can grasp things now, although there’s not much around to grab hold of! You can also suck and swallow and (as pictures before have shown) you’ll most likely be sucking your thumb xx
  • Your little leggy’s are now growing longer than your arms so you’re looking more like mummy and daddy
  • The bones in your ears have hardened, further improving your hearing. You are supposedly fascinated by my voice and comforted by the sound of my heartbeat. We’ve heard somewhere that if we start singing to you now, there’s a good chance you’ll recognise the tune when you’re born. This frightened me a bit – we’ll have to watch our p’s and q’s and avoid pop music with swear words!
  • Your salivary glands are also now starting to produce saliva. You’ve started moving your tongue and lips quite freely. Hopefully you won’t exercise these quite so much when you’re born as mummy and daddy will need plenty of sleep whilst we adjust to having you in the world

That’s all from a development point of view. It’s also been a big week for daddy as he turned 41 on Friday. Mummy will post about this tomorrow. Love you baby xxxx





Craig is seriously going to regret buying me baby books!


So where are we at?

At week 5, my baby is now 3 weeks old. He or she measures 1.25 mm (1/20 of an inch) and now has a tail and head. The central nervous system is already beginning to develop, and the brain and spinal cord is beginning to form. Traces of the eyes and ears are discernible, although these begin to form at the sides of baby’s head and will shift into place in a few weeks time. Muscle and bone tissue are beginning to come into being – although the bones won’t harden for a little while yet.

I love this bit… the walls of baby’s heart are now forming – it will begin to beat by the end of the week!

As for mummy – well I’m doing great. Feeling very bloated and experiencing a few aches and pains here and there (I’m sure you can guess where without me having to elaborate). I’m still getting very tired throughout the day. Although I’m always up by 8.30am at the latest, I seem to need a quick power nap during the day and I’m always in bed by 10pm. The morning sickness seems to be abating but I’m under no illusion that I haven’t seen the worst of it. A little cough will lead to me reaching mid conversation with Craig!

It’s pretty hard for Craig. I snap a fair bit where I’m still suffering from stopping smoking, and our evenings are being cut short where I’m so tired. Moving into our new home on Saturday should really help with this as we’ll no longer be managing two homes. He’s been amazing so far. Every morning baby and I get a quick kiss goodbye before work so it’s well and truly sunk in that I’m expecting. His research on diet and vitamins knows no bounds so I’m lucky baby is getting the best possible nourishment.

Tomorrow is Lou’s wedding so I’m planning a fake tan, manicure and pedicure this afternoon. I also have washing of Himalaya proportions to contend with, and haven’t even begun packing up the flat. It’s going to be a very long day! So I’m signing off. Next post will hopefully be from our new home in Tilehurst – here’s some pictures from the estate agency details (with the previous tenants furniture) to give you idea of what it looks like:

The frontage

The frontage

Mummy and daddy's room

Mummy and daddy’s room

Baby's room

Baby’s room