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WIN a Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 Group 1, 2, 3 Car Seat with Mellow Mummy


Wading my way through the zillions of emails in my inbox, I stumbled on a great little post by fellow mummy blogger Mellow Mummy.

She is offering her readers a chance to win a snazzy Kiddy Guardian  Group 1, 2, 3 Pro 2 Car Seat.  Now I’ve read many a review of this all-singing car seat and I’ve decided I can’t possibly live without one. Its won an overwhelming number of awards and is packed with safety features to protect Dexter on his way to Tescos, Nanny and Grandad’s, and beyond! Okay, poor Dexie isn’t the world’s most far-travelled child, but with a trip to London planned, and Christmas shopping trips needed, we’re aware our faithful and battered Maxi-Cosi which has provided years of service to our wider family, and might be considered by some to be an heirloom of sorts, has probably reached the end of its life.

So what is so good about this Kiddy Seat? Well… let me tell you!

For one, it really looks the part for a kid-about-town. It’s available in a choice of colours and looks ridiculously comfy for baby with its snooze position, a 3-stage leg extension and breathable fabric. Dexter has a habit of changing his mind on a daily occurrence – we’re beginning to feel like the downstairs of Downton Abbey and I’ve nicknamed him Lord Grantham – yet we’re satisfied that this bad-boy would provide him with the luxury standard to which he believes he should be accustomed to.

From a safety perspective, the Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 reads like a car itself! With a number of recent improvements and patented features such as the Kiddy Shock Absorbers (KSA), the seat has been tested by industry experts to within an inch of its life. Given Craig (the only driver in our house) drives for a living, he’s already the safest driver I know (sorry Dad!) I can relax knowing that if we were to ever find ourselves in an accident, our Lord and Master would be in the perfect cocoon to prevent serious injury.

It certainly seems to be the car seat of choice for my peers in the mummy blogging community and I’ve read posts full of praise for this product. It’s very unusual for mummy bloggers to reach a consensus on anything, but I’m yet to read any negatives about the Kiddy Guardian Pro 2. Check out these glowing reviews from some of my buddies:

The Mummy Life

Mum on the Brink

Mummy Matters

Conclusion: we simply have to have it! Problem: we can’t afford it 😦

We’re not poor but we’ve got a real fondness for pre-loved things and all Dexter’s BIG purchases (cotbed, pushchairs x 3, development toys) have come from eBay or our very generous friends and family. I’m quite proud of how frugal we’ve been with baby no 1. When the time is right to extend our little family, we can sleep at night without having panic attacks about the cost. We simply believe there are more important things in life than having the latest travel system or nursery range. We’d rather spend on lavish holidays, weekends away and “experiences” for Dexter. But should we really apply this logic to a car seat when it could safe his life??? Definitely not.

So I’m keeping fingers, toes and legs (???) crossed that my little limerick will result in our biggest win yet; the peace of mind of owning a Kiddy Guardian Pro 2!

Here is Dexter’s entry!

If I won a Guardian Pro

“Sir” Lord Grantham would be safe on-the-go

I could go a little further afield

(Looking every bit well-heeled)

With my downtrodden parents in tow


If you’d like to enter, here is Mellow Mummy’s original post. You’ll have to be quick as the competiton closes on October the 31st!

In the meantime – why not follow Kiddy UK on Facebook , Twitter , and Youtube to stay informed about the latest product news and competitions!

Good luck everyone!









Dexter’s “Big Taste Face” (An Ella’s Kitchen Competition)


Dexter enjoying his first ever taste of Ella’s Kitchen Broccoli, Pears and Peas!

It’s a messy business this weaning!

We’ve had some big successes, and some major fails. Dex loves all the purees and is a massive fan of all the strange Ella’s Kitchen concoctions. I never give him something I haven’t tried myself and some of them are pretty ‘out there’ – but he LOVES them. I love this picture as it shows just how much he’s enjoying trying new things.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of Baby Rice and Baby Porridge. We can’t believe this as I think it’s absolutely yummy. In fact, when we’re feeding him, we’re often sneaking a quick mouthful ourselves.

We’re also having problems introducing sippy cups. Dex is simply not ready to move on from teats and is having a right paddy at the suggestion of having to old his own bottle. Right now we have to use a cushion to prop it up and place his hands around it. Those little eyes pop open as soon as our hands get 30cms away from the scene!

One thing I can’t fault him for, is his personal hygiene. My son has complete OCD and hates having food around his mouth. The photograph above is a rare occurrence as usually he wipes his own face with his bib / sleeve / muslin after every mouthful. His bibs and clothes are now stained beyond redemption and serve as little reminders of all the different flavours he’s consumed that week. Laundry nights are now a two-man job with mummy and daddy having to forensically analyse every item of clothing for traces of food. We’re getting through Vanish like no one’s business, and it feels as though one or both us are constantly tossing bits and pieces in the clothes bin.

His nappies have also been interesting. He’s had every shade of poo you can think of, and every consistency too. We can now hear his tummy rumble from the room next door!

It’s all good fun though and we really enjoy watching him experiment with food. He’s growing up so fast!

If you have any pictures of your baby or toddler getting their fill – you could win a year’s free supply of Ella’s Kitchen by uploading it here and entering Ella’s Kitchen Big Taste Face. I really hope we win as Dexter is such a huge fan.


DISCLAIMER – I have not been instructed to write this post and have had no contact with Ella’s Kitchen. We’ve simply entered and thought it was such a great competition we thought we’d share it!



Collecting for Dexter’s new nursery


With an imminent house move, I’ve been out shopping for knick-knacks for Dexter’s new nursery. He hasn’t had much use of the one here in our current house as he’s been sleeping in our room. On the date we move, Dexter will be almost 20 weeks and we feel it’ll be time to introduce him to his very own room.

His new nursery isn’t huge, it’s a single room that will take his cot, a chest of drawers and a small wardrobe. Most of his larger toys (his playmat, his bouncer, tummy-time toys and sit-me-up cosy) will be housed downstairs in a toy chest as this is all open plan with plenty of room for the coexistence of adult spaces and ‘Dexter spaces’. We therefore need to make his nursery as comfortable and exciting as possible so he enjoys being in there.

What child wouldn’t want to sleep here?! From Nanny McPhee

I really love the look of toy-filled nurseries with there being something unique and special in every corner. Children’s rooms should be uncoordinated, cluttered and personalised in my opinion. Think the bedroom’s in Nanny McPhee and Horrid Henry. Their rooms are their own space and should reflect their growing personalities. It should provide a sensory experience for a baby /child with plenty to see and do to help them develop. Ultimately, I want Dexter to feel proud of his room so he’s learns to value his possessions and respect them.

I know, I know, Dexter is only 4 months old. But I want to kick off this creation so he can add to it as his tastes develop.  I’m a massive fan of Kath Kidston, Laura Ashley, patchwork and gingham – but I this isn’t my room and I don’t want to thrust my style on him (plus Craig would kill me if he saw flowered fabric in there). So instead we’re going for a homemade shabby look with the odd infusion of new technology. I only hope Dexter doesn’t grow up to be a minimalist and hate it!

Still from the Horrid Henry film – most mums would have a heart attack – I love it!

A week ago I tweeted that I wanted to find some UK retailers that specialised in homemade and handcrafted toys and soft furnishings. I got loads of responses from fellow mummy bloggers directing me to various Facebook shops, Etsy shops and websites. The choice was overwhelming so I’ve started cautiously. I’m certainly under no illusion that this project is work in progress and might never get finished.

So far, these are a few of my favourite things!

A competition win provided me with this personalised memory box. It’s entirely handcrafted and hand painted from a fellow blogger’s (Chloe from A Twenty Something Mum) Facebook business Daisy Days Designs. It is quite honestly, gorgeous. The level of detail that has gone into it is extraordinary; Dexter’s name has been embellished with sequins jewels and the little animals have felt detailing. I chose to leave the design up to Chloe as I fell in love with a box from her photo gallery on Facebook, but she also makes these to order for weddings, and other special events. In my opinion she also has the best handmade wooden block lettering which we’ll be buying soon. Full pricing and ordering information is available on her Facebook. Thanks Chloe for such a gorgeous prize xx

I also love this owl cushion from Knot Just Jigs. Currently priced at a very reasonable £13.99 without personalisation, £16.99 with, he’s a mixture of lots of different textiles and soooo soft Dexter can relax on him or cuddle him. I love the mix of muted blues and vibrant greens – it’s so irresistibly boyish and a fun addition to his bedroom. Knot Just Jigs also do other homemade designs which are equally scrumptious and have that vintage feel. Also available are a number of retro wooden toys, puppets, musical instruments and other goodies which are a distinct nod back to my own childhood. When Dexter is old enough for instruments – I’ll be revisiting this website in a heartbeat as I’m very keen to support UK businesses and love the idea of him playing with toys similar to those I had when I was growing up.

I also have these cute little car neon lights purchased from eBay. I’m under no illusion these are probably mass manufactured but I’m more than a little in love with them. I have this little fantasy that Dexter will ask for them to be put on at night-time whilst he falls asleep. If he’s been a good boy we’ll probably indulge him as they look so beautiful and provide a nice soft glow in his room (even though they’ll hike up the electricity bill considerably!).

Then there’s my embarrassingly large collection of wicker and wooden hearts and stars bought from my local antique shop in Reading – Fanny’s Antiques. I love this place to death! OH has banned me from visiting too often as I have a tendency to invent space to house new furniture.

I also want to build a photo canvas wall full of various sized prints, frame depths and orientations. I bought my first one from Photobox a few days ago and have been impressed by the price, speed of delivery and quality.  Not a day goes by without me getting some kind of deal delivered to my inbox from Photobox so it’s easy to do this inexpensively and it’ll be lovely for Dexter and us to have such special memories forever captured in print. This one was free with just a £7.50 p&p – this was due to it being my first order but a Canvas Lite will ordinarily cost from £24.99.

Finally, there’s Dexter’s memory box. I suspect every parent does this! We’ve collected newspapers from the day he was born, special edition magazines from the year (Hello! and OK! have done fabulous Jubilee and Olympics specials this year), photos, cards, gift tags, letters, and toys – all for Dexter to enjoy when he’s older. This box is enormous and has plenty of room for our collection. We got this from HomeSense in Reading, but as they continually rotate their stock, I don’t think it’ll be available anymore. Craigy and I love these stores though as the prices are great (60% off RRP) and there are some really great unique finds from all over the world.

So that’s it – a mega post by anyone’s standards! I know nothing matches and this would be a clash of styles for some – but he’s child, and children should be messy and colourful!

If you have any other suggestions of sites for me to explore, or own a UK business and think you have some items that might fit in with my little collection – please do leave a comment below.

A vintage-looking Dexter


I’m not very good at linking up to other mummy blogs which is part laziness, and part me wanting to keep this blog as an innocent read for my little man. That said, there are some really inspirational linkies that crop up from time to time; things I feel passionately about, and things I feel won’t dilute the blog, rather add to it. There are also some lovely competitions I sooo want to win as the prizes would be fabulous for Dexter (and me!).

I stumbled across such a blog earlier on today and haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Kitsunetsuki is a really visual blog by Laura Fox Gill about food, art, photography and books – it’s a real feast for the eyes as the pictures are out of this world. She is running her first ever competition and its a really exciting one. It’s to win a Polaroid camera.

The truth is, I’ve ALWAYS wanted a Polaroid, ever since I was a little girl. I love the thought of getting instant photos and the not-knowing if your shot is any good or not – It makes the good photos just that little bit more special. I have a beautiful Canon 1100D and I absolutely love it – but in all honesty, even my starter DSLR  Canon makes photography so simple that even the least accomplished photographer can achieve some really stunning pics. A Polaroid is not for the faint hearted, you can waste whole reams of film trying to get something amazing, and the film is not cheap – but oh my God they’re beautiful. They’re kitsch, they’re 80’s retro and I really want one.

As part of the competition, you have use a photo effect application to add a vintage effect to a photo you have taken. I have never experimented with one before so was pleased to see how simple they are to use. I used Pixlr but I’ve heard equally great feedback about Instagram so will be having a play with this over the next few weeks to see how they compare. The effects are so clever and I simply love these enhanced photographs of Dexter. I’m not sure if I’ve achieved vintage but I love these all the same and they’re timeless to me.

If you want to enter this competition for yourself, here’s the link:


A big thank you for my Halos n Horns goodies!


Dexter wishes to say thanks very much for his Halos n Horns goodies! He won them over at Tired Mummy of Two – a lovely mummy blogger who has two beautiful little girlies. With the help of their mum they regularly review the very latest toys and activities, and brighten up people’s days with fab competitions.

Dexter LOVES bath time so now he’ll be smelling delicious every night before he goes to sleep.

Loving my new bath time bits!