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Cousin Bella’s 1st Birthday Party! (A picture heavy post)


Aunty Sam’s homemade birthday cake… it was scrummy

So it was cousin Bella’s 1st birthday party on Sunday. Mummy remembers that Aunty Sam had literally just given birth to Bella when she announced that she was pregnant with you! It seems absolutely unbelievable that she’s a whole year old already!

Beautiful Bella – just 9 months older than you

At 1 year old, Bella is able to so much more than you. She’s been bum shuffling now for a awhile, and is now crawling! She can sit up unaided and is very interactive with her toys. I also spotted her waving goodbye to some of her party guests as they left – so cute!  She’s really grown since we last saw her a few months ago and is turning into a really beautiful little girl. It’s still very hard to say if she looks like Aunty Sam or Uncle Carl right now as there are bits of both of them in her.

Your big cousin Sky! Having fun and telling your mummy her grand ambitions

Big sister to Bella, and big cousin to you, Sky is at that age now where she’s really funny. Whilst playing with her toys, Sky told me all about what she wants to do when she grows up. Her grand ambitions include being a zookeeper, being a doctor, being a mummy, and living next door to Nanny Lynne in a big house on her own!

You were uncharacteristically moody - poor Bella!

You were uncharacteristically moody – poor Bella!

Cousins together… waiting patiently for cake

Right now, you’re the baby of this little group. But you’re all soon to be joined by Antonia’s baby. Antonia is your oldest cousin and has a baby girl growing inside her belly. This baby girl will be your second cousin. The race will then be on between mummy and Aunty Louise to make the next one!

First taste of cake

… Second taste of cake!!!!!

After-tea fun and games (Cousin Lenny)

Sky thinks it’s safe to come out…

… But boy, she was wrong!

Aunty Sam with the Birthday Girl!

Sky and Uncle Carl helping Bella with her pressies!

Yeah, yeah, yeah mummy. Who needs instructions??


Your week in pictures xxx


This week is nearly over and there’s lots to report!

Last Saturday your daddy went off to celebrate his 41st birthday with his friends in town. Yes 41! That means he’s OLD! Mummy is still a young wrinkle-free 28-year-old so you’ll have the best of both worlds! We’re very lucky to have daddy as everything he does is for us. He works hard, he cooks us yummy food, he kisses us both every evening (even when we’re both tucked up in bed), and he loves us both soooo much. He put together your bed the other night – it took him little under an hour, surrounded by screws and alan keys. I remember thinking how lucky we are, and how safe we’re going to be here with him.
Baby's bed!

Baby's bed!

Turns out Billy the cat likes your bed too which is a little worrying. Naughty Billy has left his fur all over your mattress so we have to buy you a new one. He won’t be allowed near your bed until you’re old enough xx
Daddy and Martin turned 41

Daddy and Martin turned 41

Back to Daddy’s birthday – he went out into town with his mates. He has another friend, Martin, who shares the same birthday as him. Unfortunately mummy couldn’t go with daddy as she’s carrying you and can’t drink alcohol with you inside her. He got home at 3am-ish and mummy was already in bed sleeping. Mummy wasn’t annoyed for long though as daddy won lots of money on roulette at the casino. Daddy never gambles so this was really lucky. This money will probably be put towards your crib that you’ll sleep in for the first couple of months.
Daddy's winnings!

Daddy's winnings!

We put up the Christmas tree on Monday – or rather daddy did.  Because this is the first tree that mummy’s had in 5 years, she wanted a big one with lots of decorations. This was all neat in theory but we didn’t give much thought as to whether it would fit in our house, or indeed stand up when we got it in. The tree actually spent Sunday night in our bath before daddy was able to cut it down to size and buy a stand wide enough to support it. Looks lovely though – this is the last one you won’t be here to share with us so we’re getting the practice in!
Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

To round off the week, mummy and daddy went to Grandad Dean’s and Nanny Di’s in Southampton. As we won’t see them over Christmas, we wanted to see them before the New Year. This was our first time to Grandad’s new house and it was really lovely. You’re lucky to have a grandad by the sea as we can go and visit them and enjoy the beach in the summer time.

Mummy found her dream engagement ring in Bournemouth this weekend too! She had asked uncle Paul for advice but turns out she wasn’t sure what she wanted then. Having looked at millions since, this is definitely the style she’s going for. It’s so beautiful and hopefully mummy will have one on her finger soon!!!!

Mummy's dream engagement ring...

Mummy's dream engagement ring...

Love you loads xx

A mini round-up!


I’ve really neglected this blog over the last few days so I’m feeling a little guilty. In fact, it’s been so long since I last posted, I’ve had to keep a list or I’d forget what to talk about. The truth is, I’ve been hugely busy at work, I’ve been feeling incredibly rough, and I’m more than a little stressed! It’s hard job being a mummy-to-be, full-time at work, and trying to be the model blogger!

Let’s start with where we left off – the scan…

Pride of place - our first photo of baby!

Pride of place – our first photo of baby!

This was of course, the best day ever! We had a trainee sonographer (Doreen) who was a sweet girl of around of around 18 (?). As she was trying to complete her training and impress the lead nurse, she spent considerably more time inspecting the contents of my ever-expanding belly than most. It felt like we were in there for around 30 minutes which was fantastic as we had more time to get-to-know baby. I was a tiny bit overwhelmed and had a mini cry, but Craig was much more together.

Baby wouldn’t stay still and was bouncing around and stretching. It was really interesting to see all the things I’ve described in ‘development posts’ live on the screen before us. We were able to see all five fingers and toes which was truly amazing for something so tiny. I remember saying aloud how I thought it looked like a boy, and Doreen seemed to confirm this by referring to ‘him’ and ‘he’ throughout the scan. I have no idea if she was able to confirm my thinking so early, but she definitely didn’t contradict me. Oh and the due date hasn’t changed – baby appeared to be 12 weeks and 4 days (6.2cm) so this means we’re looking at the 30th May / early June – just in time for summer xxx

We booked scan no 2# for the 11th January (20 weeks). At this time we should be able to find out whether we’re having a boy or a girl (if baby decides to give us a sneaky peek!). We’ve had conflicting advice from friends and family on whether to keep this as a surprise or not, but I’m leaning towards finding out. As I already know in my heart, it’s a ‘blue one’ -this will just confirm what I already know so we can buy suitable things. Let’s just call it women’s intuition.

Following the scan I had the photos blown up to 8″ x 6″ for friends and family. Having then spent a further £40 on frames in Debenhams, you can imagine how disappointed I was to get home and find out I’d lost the copies (don’t worry the originals are safe). I was absolutely gutted and cried for a few hours Sunday night 😦

Speaking of dates…

I’ve already mentioned January 11th but it’s also worth plugging in 13th December (our 16 week midwife appointment). I’m dead excited about this as Louise has tipped me off that we should get to hear baby’s heartbeat.

Choosing  a name!

Guess what name we won't be choosing!?

Guess what name we won’t be choosing!?

After weeks of searching, I also found a baby name book whilst browsing in town on Monday with Paul. As I knew it would take me less than day to pick out the gems from the utter rubbish – I was holding out for a charity shop to come out good for me, and Cancer Research didn’t let me down. Interestingly Craig and I seem to be picking really traditional names. This is really strange as I’ve been keeping a list since I was at university with names I have fallen in love with; a real assortment of Welsh, Latin and obscure names from TV programmes. Among them were Beba, Sian, Daisy , Eva, Penny… the list was endless. Since I’ve been pregnant, my choices have changed completely. Instead, Craig and I want something noticeably English with a few syllables to complement the shortness of ‘Mills’. I also originally had my heart set on something that couldn’t be shortened, but again, I’ve changed my mind. I now seem to prefer names that offer up plenty of choices e.g. Isabella: Ellie, Izzy, Isa, Belle, Bella etc.

I don’t want to give anything more away now as it’ll ruin the surprise but needless to say we won’t be picking the one in the picture above!

As for me!

I’m shattered, I’m losing my concentration at work, and I’m hungry all the time. Yesterday was particularly bad one as I ate 2 Burger King burgers, and two sausage rolls from Greggs. As it’s all saturated fat, this is really stupid and I literally cried when I got home. I’m getting ridiculously fat and it’s embarrassing. I don’t want to deny myself food as baby  needs to eat and my body is using up lots of energy reserves to power us both. However, I will be buying fruit every morning from now on as it’s depressing to think that I’m throwing bad food at such a tiny constitution. I get so many things wrong as a mummy-to-be and this shouldn’t be one of them. It’s just as easy to nip into M&S and buy some strawberries, as it is to queue up in Burger King.

I’ve also been feeling really insecure and paranoid. Things that should take 30 seconds, now take 30 minutes, and I worry that I’m slowing down too much at work. I also find post-it notes on my desk (that I’ve written  5 minutes earlier) and wonder how they got there! They say this is pregnancy brain but its way too early for that! I’m hoping its tiredness and it’ll pass but it’s worrying me nonetheless. I’m going to monitor this over the next week and try not to be so hard on myself. I just really hope it’s a blip and things will get back to normal.

Of course, this could just be tiredness. I’ve definitely been more short-tempered and irritable with Craig! I know he’s really trying so 90% of the time I feel like a total bitch, but my emotions are all over the place and stupidly difficult for him (and me) to track. We’ll argue over the silliest things so this has got to change. Baby needs a united front at the moment so everything else should take a back seat whilst we iron out these wrinkles.

That’s it from me! This has been a long post and I’m shattered.

The wedding and the big move!!!


What a hectic few days! Sorry I went AWOL but there has been so much going on! Here is the latest update from team Mills, live and direct from our gorgeous new home in Tilehurst.

Mr and Mrs Marshall

Mr and Mrs Marshall

Firstly, Lou and Ben got married on Friday 30th September in glorious sunshine at Reading Town Hall. I’ve only been to 2 weddings in the last 15 years (my dad’s, and now Lou’s) and both were in Town Halls. You can see why they are so popular. The building has so much history and you really get a “sense of occasion”. The Town Hall is bang smack in the centre of town so it makes the day even more special as people stop and stare as you arrive. Craig fancies a beach wedding for us (in a few years time) but I’m now thinking I want to stay in the UK. Little does he know, I’ve already bookmarked a few venues and I suspect the list will triple by the time we’re ready to go for it.

Farmer-to-be Lenny in his scrummy little outfit

Farmer-to-be Lenny in his scrummy little outfit

Everything went perfectly. The venues were dressed beautifully, the food was yummy, and it was great to see so many of my schoolmates and their families. Louise looked amazing and the lads scrubbed up great too. It was also so cute seeing Lenny come down the aisle with his granddad in his tiny suit!

Luckily my dress was long enough to disguise the epic fake tan fail on my legs - shame about my choice of shoes though!

Luckily my dress was long enough to disguise the epic fake tan fail on my legs - shame about my choice of shoes though!

The next day Craig and I woke up at 9am and finished packing up my flat. Being pregnant means I didn’t have a hangover, but my feet were in agony due to a bad heel choice the night before. Craig’s friends were great; Martyn Pyke lent us his van, and ‘muscle-man’ Phil Steven’s gave up his time to help Craig with the heavy stuff. I felt awful not being able to get stuck in and help, but I had to protect bump and stay away from lugging things around. Luckily the whole thing went smoothly and we were in the new flat surrounded by boxes by 5pm. The flat is now looking stunning and I can’t wait to have my mates round to see it. Paul is due round tomorrow for a peek, my mum is also thinking of dropping by in the day, and I’m sure Craig and I can manage a mini house-warming in a few weeks time (I just need to butter him up first!).

See you all soon for another update! Gems xxx

Sharing the news with your brand new family


Yesterday evening was a very exciting time for mummy and daddy as we told daddy’s family about you! Usually mummys and daddys wait a little while to share the news that a baby is coming – but we were soooo excited, we wanted all your new family to know as soon as possible. Mummy told grandad Dean and nanny Diane, uncle Dan and nana Jayne a few days ago. Daddy waited a few days longer to tell his side of the family as he wanted to see the doctor first. A few close friends also know as mummy and daddy might need to talk to them as you grow. Here is an introduction to those special people who know you exist:

Grandad Dean and Nanny Diane – this is mummy’s daddy and his wife. They met around three years ago and got married a year ago. They live in Southampton which is by the sea! Mummy and her daddy are very close and I know he’s going to be an amazing grandad for you. Grandad is very good at business and finance so if you ever need any advice, he’s a very wise person to ask. He has silver hair and an ever decreasing waistline as Di has been whipping him into shape. Di is very glamorous and pretty. She has a funny accent though (Scottish) so you’ll need to get used to that – luckily your daddy does a very good impression of Billy Connolly so he can help you with this :-).

Mummy tells her daddy most things so he was very aware that your daddy and I were trying to make you. Grandad has always wanted the best for mummy and for her to be happy and successful. He’s very pleased that mummy waited to make you until she was old enough and sensible enough to provide a loving home for you. As your mummy has lived in lots of different places, worked and studied very hard, and has found the perfect daddy for you – grandad is thrilled. Mummy very much hopes to instil the same values in you so you get the best out of your own life.

Grandad Dean and Nanny Diane

Grandad Dean and Nanny Di on their wedding day

Nana Jayne – mummy’s mummy! Mummy’s mummy lives very close by so you’ll see lots of her. She’s not very good at keeping secrets and is so happy about you, she’s told some of her friends already (but mummy doesn’t mind). Nana Jayne is obsessed with make-up, jewellery, clothes and shopping – something tells me you’ll be very spoilt! She was very poorly ten years ago as her heart beat a bit too quick for her body. Sadly nana Jayne went from a person with two working arms, and two working legs, to a person with only one of each. This makes her very unsteady as she can only feel the ground with one foot. Because of this nana Jayne needs a scooter to get around and needs lots of help to do things like cooking and cleaning. When mummy was growing up, your nana was so funny and beautiful, I like to think her heart was so full, it burst – now she needs other people to give her lots of love to keep her with us.

Uncle Dan – mummy’s brother. Your uncle is a few years older than mummy and lives in a town a couple of miles away. He works in insurance which is very boring. You’ll love your uncle though as he’s a big kid himself; he still watches children’s telly and loves superhero films. He’s also very good with animals, is very funny (without realising it) and has been a very good brother to mummy. He also wears glasses so you can fiddle with his face and make him look silly!

Uncle Dan (right)

Uncle Dan (right)

Mummy’s mate Paul – Mummy and Paul went to big school together.We didn’t know each other very well then but we are very good friends now and he knows all about you; from how upset mummy got when she saw negative home pregnancy tests, to which moses basket she’s earmarked for your first sleep, to the names she’s considering calling you. I’m sure Paul will be able to tell you many embarrassing stories about mummy when you’re older as we’ve done some very silly things together. Like daddy, he’s done lots of research on what mummy can expect as she carries you in her tummy – you and I are very lucky to have so many people making sure we’re both safe and well! Paul sells watches for a jewellers in town so he’ll be a very handy person to know when you are rich and famous and want to buy your first Rolex (after you’ve bought mummy and daddy one of course!). He’s also a genius at pub quiz machines, has a semi-photographic memory, and knows EVERYTHING about sport – even more than daddy… (athough I strongly suspect daddy will disagree with this!).

Now to daddy’s family!

The first people we told about you were Nanny Lynne and Grandad Terry. Again, they live very close to us so we’ll see them all the time. You will be their fifth grandchild as daddy is the last of their children to have a baby. They’ve been married for forty-three years so are very inspirational to mummy and daddy as we want to be as strong as them. They’re very spiritual people and believe you should always be good and fair to everyone. This makes you very lucky as they will protect you from bad things and teach you how to be a nice and caring person.

Grandad Terry looks a little like Philip Schofield who is a presenter on morning television. He has lots of female fans and gets the giggles when presenting serious news items (Philip, not grandad). Nanny Lynne doesn’t particularly look like anyone famous but she’s very sweet and kind and is great at taking photographs and videos. Nanny Lynne will therefore be invaluable to mummy as mummy plans on keeping a record of your progress throughout the years.

Aunty Louise and Uncle Ben – Aunty Louise actually went to big school with mummy. We were in the same year and have many of the same friends. Aunty Louise and uncle Ben are getting married in one week’s time so now is a very exciting time for everyone. They have been together for years and years and around eighteen months ago your little cousin Lenny was born! I suspect you’ll spend lots of time with Lenny and maybe even go to the same schools as you grow up. This would be pretty cool as you would have a big cousin to help you out if you ever got into trouble. Remember though that uncle Ben and cousin Lenny are Chelsea fans – daddy would be devastated if you decided to become one too. Best to stick to United as they win everything anyway 🙂 – I won’t write much too much more about aunty Louise now as there’ll be lots of pictures and stories from the wedding in a few week’s time. All I will say is that aunty Louise already guessed mummy was pregnant before we called her. This is because mummy told her friends on Facebook that she kept being sick and was very tired (which are common signs that a mummy is expecting a baby). Facebook is a website that allows friends to share pictures and news with one another – I suspect it’ll still be around when you are grown up. Daddy and mummy like Facebook as this was how we stayed in touch when mummy lived far away.

Aunty Louise and your big cousin Lenny

Aunty Louise and your big cousin Lenny (wearing a Chelsea shirt ahem *cough*)

Aunty Sam and Uncle Carl – Mummy hasn’t met aunty Sam yet as she has been very busy giving birth to your tiny cousin Bella. We did call aunty Sam though and let her know the news. Mummy will tell you much more about aunty Sam and your cousin’s Sky and Bella when she meets them all later.

Uncle Tony – Your uncle Tony is your oldest uncle (even older than daddy, and daddy is ancient!). Daddy lives with uncle Tony at the moment, but mummy and daddy are moving to our flat in just over a week’s time. This will be our first home together and maybe even your first home when you’re born! I’ll do a video tour when we get the keys so you can see what it looked like before mummy and daddy made a mess of it!

Uncle Tony works as a scaffolder. This means he’s not scared of heights which is good as he lives very high up in a block of flats. Uncle Tony loves films, just like your daddy, and is always joking and smiling. His daughter Antonia is your only grown up cousin! She found out this morning 🙂

So that’s your brand new family! Everyone is so excited to meet you and they will all add things to your life in lots of different ways. You’ll have five grandparents, two aunties, two uncles, and four cousins when you are born – a lovely big family to teach you things and make you laugh. Add to this two loving parents who will always put you before themselves and go to the ends of the earth to keep to you safe, warm, happy and healthy, and you’re the luckiest baby in the world xx

Love Mummy xx