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Sucking Noses…?


This parenting lark gets more interesting by the day.

With Dexter going further downhill overnight I decided to smuggle him into my own doctor’s appointment and get her to look him over. I love my doctor to bits but she wasn’t that impressed to have a snotty baby thrust in her arms when she’d been expecting a routine appointment with me.

As is so often the way with my son – he started smiling, coo’ing and grinning with the doctor. All morning he’d been pale, distressed and burning up, yet within seconds of meeting someone new, he’s on top form again. The laboured breathing was still evident, and the phlegmy cough, but Dexter cheered up immediately and all the tears in the waiting room were forgotten. Once again, I’m left looking guilty of the biggest overreaction since Helen Flannagan clapped eyes on the hamster wheel in the jungle.

She listened to his back and his chest and confirmed that Dexter was full of cold. One ear was waxy and inflamed but no major cause for concern. As is so often the way with GP’s – we were told to “keep an eye on him”, “keep his temperature down” and “come back in a few days if Dexter’s symptoms persisted” – I don’t know why I thought the advice would be any different. Cold, coughs and aches & pains are rites of passage and discovering snot so perilously close to your little one’s mouth is just one of the many horrific things you encounter as a parent.

Since I’ve literally pulled muscles sprinting to wipe his nose, I decided to try a snot-sucker. This is the name Cheryl from Madhouse Family Reviews has lovingly bestowed on her nasal aspirator. This joyful little contraption means I will be literally sucking the snot from Dexter nose like crazed mad woman. One end is placed under Dexter’s nostril, the other will be in my mouth… the act of my sucking will draw out the snot into a ‘sealed chamber’ ready for disposal. At least it better work like that! If it doesn’t, I’m very likely to be sick all over the two of us.

Clever marketing pics make this almost look normal - I looked nowhere near as glamourous!

Clever marketing pics make this almost look normal – I looked nowhere near as glamorous!


Needless to say my son was seriously not impressed. The screaming was pretty much instantaneous and Craig literally had to grip his arms and hold him still. Pretty quickly we realised we didn’t have to heart to put him through it and gave him a cuddle instead.

We’re clearly yet to master the skills of sucking noses, but we will do. If Cheryl can do it, I can! It’s that or leave him a dribbling snot-filled mess. Daddy’s turn tonight – woo hoo!


A poorly Dexter – Advice for dealing with colds anyone?



So my poorly boy has his first ever cold. Craig woke me up at 3am last night as he’d awoke to find Dexter making funny noises. He’d been in to see Dexter and discovered him struggling to breathe as his nose was so blocked. We gave him a big cuddle and some sinus drops and all went back to sleep. Unfortunately Dexter woke up crying at 4am and we had to pop him in bed with us to settle him back down.

Today has been one big struggle. Dexter’s nose is streaming and I’ve been hovering over him all morning with a muslin trying to catch it all. He’s not old enough to blow his nose yet and he’s reluctant to let me wipe as he has to hold his breath when I cover his airways. He’s been understandably tearful and nothing I do seems to make it better. He’s also been clutching at his ear a fair bit and Craig and I both noticed it seemed red and hot the day before – that’s probably an earache then on top of the cold.

We’ve tried to control his temperature with Calpol, and give him plenty of fluids, but it’s so tough watching him suffer. I know it’s the first of many and there’s no point rushing to the GP, but it’s a bit of a guessing game knowing what to do when they’re so young and can’t tell you what’s getting to them. He’s usually so cheerful and happy – but now his crying is just incessant and I’m getting worried. He won’t let me put him down either which has made for an interesting morning of housework.

Anyone got any tips for dealing with minor colds and coughs? I’m worried that he won’t know to breathe through his mouth if it worsens.