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Craig is seriously going to regret buying me baby books!


So where are we at?

At week 5, my baby is now 3 weeks old. He or she measures 1.25 mm (1/20 of an inch) and now has a tail and head. The central nervous system is already beginning to develop, and the brain and spinal cord is beginning to form. Traces of the eyes and ears are discernible, although these begin to form at the sides of baby’s head and will shift into place in a few weeks time. Muscle and bone tissue are beginning to come into being – although the bones won’t harden for a little while yet.

I love this bit… the walls of baby’s heart are now forming – it will begin to beat by the end of the week!

As for mummy – well I’m doing great. Feeling very bloated and experiencing a few aches and pains here and there (I’m sure you can guess where without me having to elaborate). I’m still getting very tired throughout the day. Although I’m always up by 8.30am at the latest, I seem to need a quick power nap during the day and I’m always in bed by 10pm. The morning sickness seems to be abating but I’m under no illusion that I haven’t seen the worst of it. A little cough will lead to me reaching mid conversation with Craig!

It’s pretty hard for Craig. I snap a fair bit where I’m still suffering from stopping smoking, and our evenings are being cut short where I’m so tired. Moving into our new home on Saturday should really help with this as we’ll no longer be managing two homes. He’s been amazing so far. Every morning baby and I get a quick kiss goodbye before work so it’s well and truly sunk in that I’m expecting. His research on diet and vitamins knows no bounds so I’m lucky baby is getting the best possible nourishment.

Tomorrow is Lou’s wedding so I’m planning a fake tan, manicure and pedicure this afternoon. I also have washing of Himalaya proportions to contend with, and haven’t even begun packing up the flat. It’s going to be a very long day! So I’m signing off. Next post will hopefully be from our new home in Tilehurst – here’s some pictures from the estate agency details (with the previous tenants furniture) to give you idea of what it looks like:

The frontage

The frontage

Mummy and daddy's room

Mummy and daddy’s room

Baby's room

Baby’s room


My cravings


I reckon mine are pretty stereotypical to be honest.


Neopolitan ice cream!!!

I’m loving COLD things. My drinks have to have ice, and snacks are best served frozen! Before, I used to buy the odd ice cream or milkshake, but I’d always opt for chocolate. Seems baby hasn’t made his / her mind up yet and likes to sample all the flavours…

Yum - Gherkins!

Yum - Gherkins!

And – gherkins!!!! Loving all things vinegary so this includes pickled onions! I could eat a jar of these everyday and it’s only 0.3g of fat per jar (Craig is monitoring my in-take. He approves so it’s all good!).

And finally – Asda’s custard cream slices. I can honestly say I usually avoid sweet things. If I’m out to dinner, I’m the first to push the dessert menu away – Honest! But it seems that baby is partial to some custard cream slices. His / her favourite’s are from Asda (and are handily only £1 for 2!)  – who am I to deny baby???

Baby likes sweet things - It's not for me! Honest!

Baby likes sweet things - It's not for me! Honest!