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Dexter’s “Big Taste Face” (An Ella’s Kitchen Competition)


Dexter enjoying his first ever taste of Ella’s Kitchen Broccoli, Pears and Peas!

It’s a messy business this weaning!

We’ve had some big successes, and some major fails. Dex loves all the purees and is a massive fan of all the strange Ella’s Kitchen concoctions. I never give him something I haven’t tried myself and some of them are pretty ‘out there’ – but he LOVES them. I love this picture as it shows just how much he’s enjoying trying new things.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of Baby Rice and Baby Porridge. We can’t believe this as I think it’s absolutely yummy. In fact, when we’re feeding him, we’re often sneaking a quick mouthful ourselves.

We’re also having problems introducing sippy cups. Dex is simply not ready to move on from teats and is having a right paddy at the suggestion of having to old his own bottle. Right now we have to use a cushion to prop it up and place his hands around it. Those little eyes pop open as soon as our hands get 30cms away from the scene!

One thing I can’t fault him for, is his personal hygiene. My son has complete OCD and hates having food around his mouth. The photograph above is a rare occurrence as usually he wipes his own face with his bib / sleeve / muslin after every mouthful. His bibs and clothes are now stained beyond redemption and serve as little reminders of all the different flavours he’s consumed that week. Laundry nights are now a two-man job with mummy and daddy having to forensically analyse every item of clothing for traces of food. We’re getting through Vanish like no one’s business, and it feels as though one or both us are constantly tossing bits and pieces in the clothes bin.

His nappies have also been interesting. He’s had every shade of poo you can think of, and every consistency too. We can now hear his tummy rumble from the room next door!

It’s all good fun though and we really enjoy watching him experiment with food. He’s growing up so fast!

If you have any pictures of your baby or toddler getting their fill – you could win a year’s free supply of Ella’s Kitchen by uploading it here and entering Ella’s Kitchen Big Taste Face. I really hope we win as Dexter is such a huge fan.


DISCLAIMER – I have not been instructed to write this post and have had no contact with Ella’s Kitchen. We’ve simply entered and thought it was such a great competition we thought we’d share it!




Giggles, gymnastics and posing at 4 months


I can’t believe how quickly you’re growing! Looking back through photos of you laying next to your earliest cuddly toys, you seemed dwarfed by some of them! Now, you’re able to grab and chew them with ease.

Your little personality is coming into its own now. You’re cheerful and endearing, sweet-tempered and loving. A tearful tantrum is always followed by a smile and you’re able to calm yourself down now without mummy. You’re also an avid chit-chatterer and each day you’ll make a new sound. Giggles are now prolonged and more frequent and just when mummy thought she couldn’t love you any more, she finds a little bit of extra room in her heart with every laugh you give.

Your legs are now super strong. Everyday you’ll come into mummy’s bed in the morning after daddy has gone to work. You’ll finish your long sleep with mummy then wake us up at 8am by kicking off the bed sheets and giggling beside me. You also love to stand up. After changing your nappy on your mat, you’ll stretch out your arms towards me and I’ll pull you up by your arms into an upright position. Standing there smiling in your sleepsuit you look like a mini gymnast after a world-class floor routine.

How much did mummy and daddy struggle getting a shot of you on your legs?!

You continue to take such stunning photographs and seem to enjoy posing. Mummy and daddy both have photos of you set as the background on their laptops and you seem to recognise yourself whenever you catch a glimpse of our screens.

We have had the odd bad day. You gave your dad a fright a few weeks ago when you screamed for 2 hours whilst mummy was having a few drinks with her friend, and yesterday you refused to let me put you down all day. We put these outbursts down to you feeling a bit tired or a bit unwell. They are always short-lived and never a problem.

We’ve had just one accident so far when mummy dropped an iPhone on your head. You sustained a tiny cut on your eyebrow and mummy stayed up all night crying. I’m sure this is the first of many knocks and scrapes but I could do without another for a few months as I was devastated.

Rolling still seems a long way off, but your sitting is progressing well and its only a matter of time before you can do this unaided.

This next month will be a big one for you. We have the challenge of introducing you to ‘grown up’ food, you’ll be going swimming for the first time ever with daddy on holiday, and I suspect we might get a ”mama” or “dada” out of you. We’re also moving house and moving you into your own room, and mummy is going back to work. These are massive things for us both to deal with and I’ve had lots of tears myself as I’ll really miss being with you during the day. Daddy will be with you from 10am – 3pm and I know you’ll make him as happy as you’ve made me with lots of giggles and little milestones. Just don’t forget mummy please, and save some smiles for me in the early evening.